Friday, December 18, 2009

Jon Kalinski has been returned to the Phantoms

The Phantoms website is reporting that Jonathon Kalinski has been returned to the Phantoms.

There for a while, we had enough Phantoms called up that we were able to field an entire five-man unit of promoted players. Oskars Bartulis and Ryan Parent are currently the Flyers' third defensive pairing, and we had Jon Kalinski, David Laliberte, and Andreas Nodl as one of our forward combos. Considering that goaltender Brian Boucher is also a Phantoms alumnus, when those guys were on the ice together, we had six Phantoms graduates out there for the Flyers. :-) I always enjoy when things like that happen. I love seeing our alumni in NHL jerseys, particularly when said jerseys bear a Flyers crest on the front.

In any event, the Flyers are gradually getting healthy again, resulting in some of the Phantoms' top guys being returned to Glens Falls. I hope this translates into the Phantoms having less difficulty finding the back of the net. We had a scoring outburst over last weekend, but we need to be more consistent about putting goals in. Here's to seeing last weekend's goal-fest continue unabated, starting tonight vs. Hamilton.

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