Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Randy Jones is loaned to Adirondack

According to the Twitter feed from Frank Seravalli of the Philadelphia Daily News, Randy Jones has been loaned to the Phantoms and van Riemsdyk, Pyorala, Syvret and Tollefsen are all on the Flyers roster.

Phantoms Weekly Report (Week 1)

CLICK HERE for the current Phantoms Weekly Report on the Phantoms site.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pregame Warmup: Flyers vs. Minnesota Wild

Young guys warming up with the Flyers include Powe, Pyorala, Syvret, Backlund, Giroux, Parent, and van Riemsdyk.

Preparing for the Phantoms Home Opener

I picked up a little something to take to the Phantoms Home Opener on Saturday. :-)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Jones clears waivers; more players are assigned to Phantoms

Per THIS ARTICLE on CSNPhilly's site, Randy Jones has cleared waivers, but he has not been assigned to the Phantoms yet. Speculation is that the Flyers are seeking a trade, in which case, I can see why they wouldn't send him to the AHL just yet. If he is sent to the Phantoms, he will have to clear re-entry waivers in order to be recalled to the Flyers -- and that includes a recall that has to happen prior to trading him to another team. If he is claimed from re-entry waivers, the Flyers will have to pay half his salary for the remainder of his contract. Since the entire point of the waiver was to clear salary cap space, I see very little benefit for the Flyers if they have to take a cap hit of half the salary of someone who's no longer here.

In the same article, it says that the Flyers reduced their roster to 25 players by assigning Jason Ward, Lukas Kaspar, Pat Maroon and David Laliberte to the Phantoms.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Boucher is out 7-10 days; Backlund is recalled

According to THIS ARTICLE on Comcast SportsNet, Brian Boucher will miss 7-10 days due to his injury. Phantoms goalie Johan Backlund has been recalled.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Preseason: Albany River Rats 5, Phantoms 1

CLICK HERE for the first available writeup of tonight's Phantoms game in Albany. It appears that the River Rats avenged last night's loss and then some, as they beat the Phantoms 5-1. Nic Riopel started the game and was replaced about halfway through by Michael Teslak.

That wraps up the Phantoms' preseason schedule. The next game will be the Home Opener on October 3 vs. the Worcester Sharks.

EDIT to add: The Post-Star has posted its game recap HERE.

Boucher: lower body injury; Randy Jones waived

from the Flyers' Twitter feed:
FlyersOnTheFly Brian Boucher left tonight's Flyers-Devils preseason game with a lower body injury and will not return.
I guess we'll find out before long how significant the injury actually is, by whether or not we recall Backlund from Glens Falls.

In other news, Flyers defenseman Randy Jones was waived today, to free up space under the salary cap. If he clears waivers, which is not guaranteed to happen, he'll be assigned to the Phantoms. I saw a very-much-unverified rumor that he was claimed, but even the person who posted it is trying to get that information confirmed. Therefore, I'm not putting any stock in that report unless I see it from an official source. Stay tuned.

Boucher leaves preseason Flyers game prematurely, with the trainer in tow

The Flyers preseason game in NJ is on the radio. Brian Boucher was supposed to play the entire game for the Flyers tonight, but he left the game in the first period with the trainer in tow.

There was no obvious injury that took place as far as the radio play-by-play guys could see. And, of course, my radio's picture isn't so hot, so I couldn't see anything one way or the other. ;) However, I guess we'll find out before long whether it's significant enough to have Backlund recalled from Glens Falls.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Preseason: Phantoms defeat Albany at GFCC 2-1 in shootout

Boy, were in-game details about this contest hard to come by! Fortunately, the blogger from the Post-Star,com has a preliminary post available that gives some details. I look forward to seeing more details when they become available.

The Phantoms complete a home-and-home preseason series vs. Albany on Saturday at 5 PM. Admission to the game in Albany is free.

Oh, and by the way, I don't like shootouts any better now than I did when I was keeping the previous incarnation of this blog. ;) ARGH on turning a team game into a one-on-one competitions.

However, since shootouts exist, I'd rather see the Phantoms come out ahead when we take part in them. So I'm pleased to see that the team's tenure at the GFCC has been opened with a win.

Edit to add: CLICK HERE for the game recap on the site.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Backlund sent to the Phantoms

According to the Flyers twitter feed at , "The Flyers have loaned goaltender Johan Backlund to the Phantoms."

Pregame skate: Flyers vs. NJ Devils

Warming up for tonight's Flyers preseason game vs NJ are the following on-the-bubble players:

JVR, Tollefsen, Laliberte, Kaspar, Maroon, Betts, Parent, Pyorala. Giroux is also warming up, but at this point I think *his* Flyers roster spot is all but assured.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Phantoms may play a game or two in Philadelphia; Wednesday's practice session

According to THIS BLOG POST from the, there is a possibility for the Phantoms to play a home game or two in Philadelphia over the next two seasons.

To wit:

The Adirondack Phantoms are exploring the possibly of playing a regularly scheduled home game this season in Philadelphia, on the ice of their NHL affiliate the Philadelphia Flyers.

If the change in venue is requested, the Phantoms have agreed to attempt to bring an NHL preseason game to the Glens Falls Civic Center next fall, or possibly an exhibition match up between the Flyers and the Phantoms.

Language allowing the possible schedule change, if the Flyers request it, was added to the final version of the Phantom’s contract, which the city Common Council approved on Tuesday.

The three-year contract allows the Phantoms to play up to two of their home games in Philadelphia in subsequent seasons.

Nothing is definitive at this point, said Jim Brooks, co-president of the Phantoms.

The goal, he said, is to strengthen ties with Philadelphia area fans, and hopefully attract some of them to travel to Glens Falls to attend games and stay overnight in local hotels.

Similar arrangements are being scheduled with other AHL teams and their affiliates, he said.

– Maury Thompson

For the record, HERE are the notes I took at the Town Hall Meeting for Phantoms STHs last March. In that talk, we were informed that we would have some Phantoms games, plural, "every year" in Philly. Now we're down to one or two games next year and the year after. Sigh. I guess we should be happy to get ANY games. *IF* it pans out.

OK, on to other news, as in actual hockey. HERE is a link to some video of the Phantoms' first practice in Glens Falls. And HERE is a recap of some goings-on at the practice. I'm glad to see that at least tomorrow's practice is open to the public. I hope ALL the team's practices prove to be open to the public, as they were when the team was in Voorhees. It'll give Phans who make the 5-hour road trip some more opportunity to see the team. After all, we might as well get to see as much of the team as possible if we're going to make a ten-hour round trip, right?

According to that practice recap, Rob Bellamy got banged up after taking a spill and having his knee collide hard with a goal post. I hope it turns out to be nothing major. But geesh, guys, you're not allowed to start using up your allotment of "scare everyone to pieces" points before the season even starts. Let's not worry the fans to bits, OK?

There'll be a scrimmage tomorrow (Thursday). Here's the list of Team A and Team B, from the above-mentioned article:

he team is split into ‘A’ and ‘B’ squads. Here are the rosters, with all the numbers I have available.

Team A
Forwards: 11 Jon Matsumoto; 13 Thomas Sinisalo; 15 Matt Clackson; 18 Jared Ross; 19 Ryan Dingle; 27 Michael Mullen; 36 Krys Kolanos; 42 Aaron Clarke. Defensemen: 2 Joonas Lehtivouri; 4 Kevin Marshall; 5 Marc-Andre Bourdon; 7 Oskars Bartulis; 41 Ryan McGinnis; 45 Jeremy Swanson; 77 Cliff Loya.

Team B
Forwards: 12 Garrett Klotz; 14 Andreas Nodl; 20 Josh Beaulieu; 22 Michael Ratchuk; 24 Rob Bellamy; 37 Jon Kalinski; Bryan Marshall; Anthony Pediocaro; Chase Watson. Defensemen: 3 Joey Mormina; 6 David Sloane; Devin Featherstone; Jaime Fritsch; Nathan Schwartzbauer; Logan Stephenson; Slavomir Tomko.

For those who are new to the Phantoms, the guys who did NOT play for the team last seaosn are Sinisalo, Dingle, Mullen, Kolanos, Clarke, Bourdon, McGinnis, Swanson, Loya, Bryan Marshall, Pediocaro, Watson, Mormina, Featherstone, Fritsch, Schwartzbauer, Stephenson, Tomko. (I actually had to go look up Watson's stats, as I could have sworn he was a callup for us last year, but maybe he was just here for the preseason.)

Anyway, that's all the news that's fit to print. I hope they have a good scrimmage tomorrow, MINUS any mishaps that lead to guys getting dented and dinged beyond the norm. Go Phantoms!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Flyers Pregame Warmup

Warming up with the Flyers are on-the-bubble guys JVR, Powe, Maroon, Kaspar, Syvret, Pyorala, Parent, and Ward. Goaltender Backlund is still listed on the Flyers roster, but he is not dressed for this game.

Flyers Preseason

Welcome to the Flyers' first preseason home game! The teams have just come out for the pregame skate. :)

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More assignments to the Phantoms

According to this article in today's Philadelphia Daily News, there have been several more assignments to the Phantoms.

Krys Kolanos, Jared Ross, Joey Mormina and Sean Curry officially cleared waivers today and we loaned to Adirondack. This comes as no surprise as all were assigned yesterday. We just know today that no teams made a claim for them.

Former Phantoms who remain on the Flyers roster include forward David Laliberte and defenseman Danny Syvret.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Cut-Down Day: Players are beng assigned to the Phantoms

I haven't seen an official transaction posted yet, but I've seen on a Flyers fan forum that Andreas Nodl, Jon Kalinski, and Jared Ross have been assigned to the Phantoms.

We have several guys on the Phantoms, including these three two, who I won't be surprised in the least to see in Flyers Orange and Black during this upcoming season. Seeing them start their season in the AHL doesn't particularly strike me as a setback. Historically, the guys we've had move up to the Flyers and stick there have been called up during the season. The guys who start the season with the Flyers have not tended to become permanent fixtures on the roster.

The Flyers also have, apparently, released Mark Bell from his tryout contract. Given the number of players who are competing for the final, 50th contract that the Flyers are able to offer, Bell's declaration that he would not accept a two-way deal may have helped make the GM's decision easier. Blair Betts, another player who is here on a pro tryout contract, is still in the running.

Tomorrow is the first Flyers home preseason game. I'm looking forward to seeing just which of our Phantoms alumni remain on the Flyers roster at this time tomorrow.

UPDATE: Correction. I have seen a list of the players who've been assigned to the Phantoms, and Ross's name isn't on it. CLICK HERE for the list on the Phantoms blog.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Preseason game at Newark: Lowell Devils 5, Phantoms 4 (Shootout)

Here's the only link so far that I have been able to find to a recap of the game in Newark today: Lowell Devils defeat Adirondack Phantoms 5-4 in a shootout

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

News: The Phantoms preseason roster; Pregame shows will be available on the team website

The blogger is keeping me pretty busy. :) Every time I think I've linked to them all, I take another look and find more posts to link to.

CLICK HERE to read the Post-Star blog post listing players who stayed behind when the Flyers left for their road trip, who will be available for the Phantoms' preseason games vs. Lowell over the weekend.

These are the players who are listed as having stayed behind:


Pat Maroon
Jon Matsumoto
Thomas Sinisalo
Eric Wellwood
David Labrecque
Ryan Dingle
Josh Beaulieu
Zac Rinaldo
Lukas Kaspar
Jason Ward
Garrett Klotz
Rob Bellamy


Marc-Andre Bourdon
Brennan Yadlowski
Kevin Marshall
David Sloane
Joey Mormina
Tyler Hostetter
Mike Ratchuk
Sean Curry


Michael Teslak
Nicola Riopel

In other news, I'm pleased to see the post that the Phantoms preview shows will be made available on the team's website. The radio station on which the shows will be broadcast does not appear to have an internet stream; however, the shows can be listened to online via these podcasts.

Here is the link from the Phantoms site to the audio archive.

Post.Com Phantoms blog: Training Camp Diary: Wednesday

CLICK HERE to read "Training Camp Diary: Wednesday" on the Phantoms blog.

Post.Com Phantoms blog: Training Camp Diary: Tuesday

CLICK HERE to read "Training Camp Diary: Tuesday" on the Phantoms blog.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Flyers Prospect Camp Roster

At yesterday's rookie game, I got a printed roster of our players. Here's the information:

61 Beaulieu, Josh
53 Bellamy, Rob
52 Clackson, Matt
40 Dingle, Ryan
37 Kalinski, Jonathon
59 Klotz, Garrett
60 Labrecque, David
57 Laliberte, David
41 Maroon, Patrick
50 Matsumoto, Jon
15 Nodl, Andreas (last season, he wore #14, but Laperriere has that now)
51 Rinaldo, Zac
23 Sinisalo, Tomas (Son of former Flyer/current scout Illka)
62 Thomas, Mike
21 Van Riemsdyk, James

38 Bartulis, Oskars
43 Bourdon, Marc-Andre
63 Hostetter, Typer
58 Lehtivuori, Joonas
46 Marshall, Kevin
56 Ratchuk, Mike
68 Sloane, David
47 Wellwood, Eric
64 Yadlowski, Brennan

70 DeSerres, Jacob
67 Duchesne, Jeremy
73 Morrison, Adam
35 Riopel, Nic
79 Teslak, Michael

Numerical List:
15 Nodl, Andreas
21 VanRiemsdyk, James
23 Sinisalo, Tomas
35 Riopel, Nic
37 Kalinski, Jonathon
38 Bartulis, Oskars
40 Dingle, Ryan
41 Maroon, Patrick
43 Bourdon, Marc-Andre
46 Marshall, Kevin
50 Matsumoto, Jon
51 Rinaldo, Zac
52 Clackson, Matt
53 Bellamy, Rob
56 Ratchuk, Mike
57 Laliberte, David
58 Lehtivuori, Joonas
59 Klotz, Garrett
60 Labrecque, David
61 Beaulieu, Josh
62 Thomas, Mike
63 Hostetter, Tyler
64 Yadlowski, Brennan
67 Duchesne, Jeremy
68 Sloane, David
70 DeSerres, Jacob
73 Morrison, Adam
79 Teslak, Michael

Friday, September 11, 2009

Prospects game: Flyers vs Capitals, 9/11/09: Third Period

PP line to start the period:: Nodl, JVR, Labrecque, Yadlowski, Bourdon. This is clearly our top scoring line for the game, with both Nodl and JVR on it. JVR plants himself at the crease again. He is a BIG guy, or the Caps D are medium-sized; either way, he towers over them and the goalie (who appears to be in for the entire game). Actually, if I remember the name from last season, the Capitals' backup is a guy from their front office, who filled in as backup during the season last year. So I wouldn't say he's on their depth chart. :)

ANYWAY, back to reality. nice butterfly stop by DeSerres, after a couple minutes' worth of inactivity as we were in the Washington end. Clackson Thomas Hostetter Lehtivuori Beaulieu. Another feisty line, with Clacker and Beau on it, :They rush it to the Caps end, and Beau blasts the puck in from the point so we can make a line change.

Back in our end, and DeSerres keeps his cool during a scramble where the puck squeaked by our defender Yadlowski and in on goal anyway.

This period has had a lot more end-to-end play, rather than long stretches spent in one zone or the other. 4:45 left in the period: SOG Flyers 23, Capitals 28 and the Flyers are about to get a PP.

Nice D in front of the Caps net prevented Wellwood fro9m getting a chance at the creases edge. Bah, a Capital strips Lehtivuori of the puck behind our net. The ensuing shot attempt against us goes wide. We dodged that bullet, and back we go to the Caps end. Washington keeps clearing the puck on us, though, so we are not doing much on this PP. We haven't really been able to set up. Oh, there goes the goalie freezing the puck, so maybe we will get a chance from the faceoff.; JVR and Nodl in front just can't get a handle on the puck, though they try. A bit of scrambling around in the Caps end later, the PP is over. Out come Rinaldo Clackson, Thomas, Sloane, Marshall. NICE defensive positioning by Sloane to keep a rebound from being shot into the wide open net. No way could DeSerres have gone post to post that fast.

SCOOOORE on the ensuing rush! 6-3 Flyers. SOG Flyers 25, Capitals 29. There were just over 11 minutes remaining in the period.

OK, we are getting this back and forth tendency again. The Flyers are not a team that's constructed for river hockey, so even though this is our prospects and not the regular team, I would like to see us settle down and start pressuring the Capitals in their own end again. There, they must have heard me typing, as we are set up in front of Washington's net. Not that we got any SOG to show for it, but time spent in their end is time spent not defending OUR net. So that works for me, too.

Another shift, and down we go to the Caps end again. This time it's JVR/Nodl's line. Rinaldo is the third forward, and he charges the puck down the ice like it's on fire. The save gets made, but Rinaldo is another one who has created nice chances for himself in this game.  I'm pleased with him and Labrecque.

Pooh, I hate when I can't see over everyone standing up and a fight is in progress.; Finally, the bout came out far enough to the center that I could see Clackson whaling away on number 65, Jasinsky. When the linesmen pried them apart, Jasinsky was yelling goodness-knows-what at Clackson. I don't think he was offering to send Christmss cards to Clackson, though. Speaking of whom, Clackson is departing the game with 8:02 remaining. So, it seems, is the Caps' 88, Bruess. Boy, I really do hope we get a box score. I would love to know what that was about, as Bruess wasn't even in the fight.

JVR!!! Scores! People wave hats at him, as the netting prevents us from throwing them onto the ice.

Klotz also got into it with someone a few minues later. He started off dominating the bout, then the Cap got in some licks of his  own... but the end result was a largely jerseyless Capital.

Bellamy and someone else (Bouchard) get into a jawing match. Both wound up going off for two minutes. The rest of the game was played at 4 on 4, as there was 1:51 remaining at the time.

The final score was Flyers 7, Capitals 3. SOG Flyers 27, Capitals 32.

Prospects game: Flyers vs Capitals, 9/11/09: Second Period

We began the period on the PK.  Bourdon Kalinski Sinisalo  and Yadlowski were out. So far so good. Morrison stopped the two shots that came at him in the first minute.

NICE kick save, Morrison!

SH breaik Rinaldo; the save is made but we draw a penalty with 2:12 remaining on our PK. Actually, a penalty shot ensues (in lieu of a penalty). The goalie makes the save again. On the next shift, Rinaldo managed to get Godfrey (Caps), who was trying to hit him, with an elbow as Godfrey tried to make contact and fell down. No call.

Aah, phooey. Caps tie he game 2-2 with 1:40 left in the PK. I pretty much would have preferred the Caps to kill a penalty a little while ago instead of having us get a penalty shot. At least then we would have been at 4 on 4 for most of the rest of that freakihg major.

ANYWAY... JVR with Kalinski for a PK pair, along with Bourdon and Yadlowski. They clear it well. SOG with 43 seconds left in the PK, SOG is Caps 13, Flyers 9, and the Caps are getting a penalty of their own. 67 (Casavant) goes.

YEAH -- 9 seconds into the infraction, we score. 3-2 Flyers. :)

JVR, one on one, takes a SOG from the right faceoff circle. No dice. But he crashes the crease a few moments later and we score another time from a scramble in front. 4-2 Flyers. It was probably JVR but I didn't see who actually shoved the loose puck in; there was too much traffic.

Thomas is back on the ice, so he was not ejected from the game.

SOG after our 4th goal are Flyers 12, Caps 13.

14:29 left in the period, and the Caps 76 (Mitchell) goes off for two minutes. PP line Marshall Kalinski Sinisalo Wellwood Sloane are out. Marshall's shot through a screen got deflected wide. Our next attempt was frozen by the goalie for a faceoff. Next PP line Labrecque JVR Nodl Hostetter Lehtivuori. JVR is planted at the crease again, and he is big enough to dwarf the Caps D. Now if we could get the flipping puck on net, that would be helpful. Gah, through the crease doesn't count. Finally Hostetter gets the puck on net at the last moment in the PP. The goalie saves it, though. SOG at end of PP Flyers 15, Capitals 12.

We are back at even strength. and we are doing well with getting the puck out. Klotz crashes the crease in a big way, and gives a whack to the defender who tries to dislodge him. Good luck moving him: Klotz is a BIG kid. No call on the whack, btw.

NICE SAVE MORRISON back in our end.

Bah, while defending our goal, we seem to have picked up a penalty. Yadlowski goes. They aren't even bothering to announce penalties or goals anymore. I guess they realize it's a lost cause with the acoustics in here. Even with the rink jammed with people, there is still way too much echo.

Anyway, PKing is on the menu with Sinisalo Kalinski, Hostetter and Lehtivuori.

Nice save by Morrison and then nice D by Bourdon to get the rebound out of harm's way.

The PK is over but the Caps are still swarming in our end. We need to make them Go Away.

SOG with 8:34 left, Flyers 15, Capitals 17. Change in goal for the Flyers: DeSerres comes in. Morrison exits to well-deserved applause. Unlike in a regular game, they are allowing the goalie to take a few shots to warm up. Good. No need to let these kdis get damaged during an exhibition game.

Even strength grouping: Nodl, JVR,, Lehtivuori, Hostetter, wellwood.

Even strength grouping: Beaulieu, Bellamy, Klotz -- our fiesty line :). Marshall and Sloane on D.

PP with 6:31 left in the period. SOG Flyers 16, Capitals 17.

PP group JVR, Sinisalo, Kalinski, Yadlowski, Bourdon.

GAH nice save by DeSerres on a giveaway in our end. We shouldn't be giving up SH chances to the Capitals like that, but DeSerres was up to the challenge.

AAAH heck, so close! Our shot caused a rebound to go into the slot, just barely past Labrecque . The Caps got to the puck first and cleared it out. Marshall gets another chance, but again the rebound just eludes Labrecque. If that kid keeps positioning himself like he is, though, he's sure to put something in. He's doing the right things by being where he can make himself dangerous.

Thomas has gone off again, so we are on a PK and De Serres is doinjg a nice job. He had some ups and downs last year at this time, but today he is definitely on an "up" so far. :) Nice lateral move on his part just there.

PK: Sinisalo Wellwood Lehtivuori, and OH FARG a bad, bad line change leaves a bunch of Caps going in en masse on a breakaway. They take advantage of it and score. 4-3 Flyers.

OK, guys, can we get out of our end now? We are at even strength but we are having issues getting our rears in gear. SOG with 1:35 left in the period: Flyers 19, Caps 24. Ah, that's better. Out we go.

Rinaldo nails a Capital who was clearing the puck out of his end. Said Capital (Hauswirth) gives Rinaldo a small thump on the rump with his stickblade.

Nodl and JVR rush in, finally we are looking like we did earlier in the period. JVR!!!! Score! Apparently his second goal of the game, presuming he got that goal from the mad scramble earlier in the game. Anyway, he fired from the right faceoff circle and got nothing but net. No way the goalie was going to get across the net that fast, unless he teleported. 5-3 Flyers.

Oh, now we have nice momentum going, too bad there's under 20 seconds remaining in the period. And there goes the buzzer.

SOG at the end of the second period: Flyers 20, Capitals 24.

Surprise -- we have a PP. Where did THAT come from? ;) So we will start the third period with a man advantage for 1:26. The score is Flyers 5, Capitals 3.

Prospects game: Flyers vs Capitals, 9/11/09: First Period

I lost the starting lineup when my computer crashed partway through the period. Phooey. I am hoping that they post a regular box score for this game online, at which point we will get some of the details that are missed on here.

I do have a roster for both teams, so later on, I will update any numbers in the recap and insert players' names instead.

Morrison started in goal for us; our other netminder is DeSerres.

We killed the first penalty when one of our guys nailed the Cap who had just passed the puck, Dubic, at the Caps half-boards. With two seconds left in our PK, Clackson got into a fight with someone whom I couldnt see because the dang linesman was in the way. I would award points to both combatants, with the Cap getting at least one takedown (they bounced back up) and Clackson landing some nice punches. I can't say I'm surprised to see a Caps prospect challenging the guy who was the Phantoms' top fighter last year. Nor am I surprised to see that Clackson was willing to throw down.

During the ensuing PP, because the Caps got assessed an extra two minutes out of the sequence of events leading to the fight, we scored. It's well-nigh impossible to understand anything being said over the PA in here; it sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher is announcing the goals and penalties.But at any rate, we got a PP goal. Again, we will have to wait for what I hope is a Real Box Score for some of the specifics.

The Caps tied the game after a flurry in front of our net which started when number Bruess of the Caps left his feet in his attempt to challenge our defenseman at the point. He did get the puck into our zone, and though Morrison made the initial stops, we couldn't seem to get the puck away from them and eventually they put it in. There was nothing Morrison could do with that.

We scored again to take a 2-1 lead, and again the announcement was unintelligible.

Soon afterward, our Thomas got a five-minute major after yet another Capital was hit at the Caps half boards and remained in a heap on the ice. I can't tell if it was just the fice minutes or if he was ejected into the bargain, as this time there was NO announcement, unintelligible or otherwise, of the penalties.I guess we'll see if he comes back during the second period or not.

At the end of the first period, the Flyers have 4:05 left on the PK. SOG are Flyers 8, Capitals 9. The Flyers currently lead 2-1.


Pregame warnup for our prospects.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Welcome to the Flyers Farm Team Chronicles!

Welcome to my new Phantoms fan blog! Last season, 2008-09, I kept a record of the Phantoms' final season in their Philadelphia home, the Spectrum. That blog can be found here: The Final Countdown.

I still want to blog about the Phantoms, but I also wanted to keep The Final Countdown as a separate entity, a sort of souvenir of our final season in Philly. With those intentions in mind, I have started a new, post-Philadelphia blog for the Phantoms. This is the blog that I will use to follow the team during its current tenure in Glens Falls, NY, as well as any other location where the team plays once their agreement in the Adirondacks comes to an end.

Welcome to the life of a long-distance Phantoms Phan!