Monday, September 21, 2009

Cut-Down Day: Players are beng assigned to the Phantoms

I haven't seen an official transaction posted yet, but I've seen on a Flyers fan forum that Andreas Nodl, Jon Kalinski, and Jared Ross have been assigned to the Phantoms.

We have several guys on the Phantoms, including these three two, who I won't be surprised in the least to see in Flyers Orange and Black during this upcoming season. Seeing them start their season in the AHL doesn't particularly strike me as a setback. Historically, the guys we've had move up to the Flyers and stick there have been called up during the season. The guys who start the season with the Flyers have not tended to become permanent fixtures on the roster.

The Flyers also have, apparently, released Mark Bell from his tryout contract. Given the number of players who are competing for the final, 50th contract that the Flyers are able to offer, Bell's declaration that he would not accept a two-way deal may have helped make the GM's decision easier. Blair Betts, another player who is here on a pro tryout contract, is still in the running.

Tomorrow is the first Flyers home preseason game. I'm looking forward to seeing just which of our Phantoms alumni remain on the Flyers roster at this time tomorrow.

UPDATE: Correction. I have seen a list of the players who've been assigned to the Phantoms, and Ross's name isn't on it. CLICK HERE for the list on the Phantoms blog.

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