Friday, September 11, 2009

Prospects game: Flyers vs Capitals, 9/11/09: Second Period

We began the period on the PK.  Bourdon Kalinski Sinisalo  and Yadlowski were out. So far so good. Morrison stopped the two shots that came at him in the first minute.

NICE kick save, Morrison!

SH breaik Rinaldo; the save is made but we draw a penalty with 2:12 remaining on our PK. Actually, a penalty shot ensues (in lieu of a penalty). The goalie makes the save again. On the next shift, Rinaldo managed to get Godfrey (Caps), who was trying to hit him, with an elbow as Godfrey tried to make contact and fell down. No call.

Aah, phooey. Caps tie he game 2-2 with 1:40 left in the PK. I pretty much would have preferred the Caps to kill a penalty a little while ago instead of having us get a penalty shot. At least then we would have been at 4 on 4 for most of the rest of that freakihg major.

ANYWAY... JVR with Kalinski for a PK pair, along with Bourdon and Yadlowski. They clear it well. SOG with 43 seconds left in the PK, SOG is Caps 13, Flyers 9, and the Caps are getting a penalty of their own. 67 (Casavant) goes.

YEAH -- 9 seconds into the infraction, we score. 3-2 Flyers. :)

JVR, one on one, takes a SOG from the right faceoff circle. No dice. But he crashes the crease a few moments later and we score another time from a scramble in front. 4-2 Flyers. It was probably JVR but I didn't see who actually shoved the loose puck in; there was too much traffic.

Thomas is back on the ice, so he was not ejected from the game.

SOG after our 4th goal are Flyers 12, Caps 13.

14:29 left in the period, and the Caps 76 (Mitchell) goes off for two minutes. PP line Marshall Kalinski Sinisalo Wellwood Sloane are out. Marshall's shot through a screen got deflected wide. Our next attempt was frozen by the goalie for a faceoff. Next PP line Labrecque JVR Nodl Hostetter Lehtivuori. JVR is planted at the crease again, and he is big enough to dwarf the Caps D. Now if we could get the flipping puck on net, that would be helpful. Gah, through the crease doesn't count. Finally Hostetter gets the puck on net at the last moment in the PP. The goalie saves it, though. SOG at end of PP Flyers 15, Capitals 12.

We are back at even strength. and we are doing well with getting the puck out. Klotz crashes the crease in a big way, and gives a whack to the defender who tries to dislodge him. Good luck moving him: Klotz is a BIG kid. No call on the whack, btw.

NICE SAVE MORRISON back in our end.

Bah, while defending our goal, we seem to have picked up a penalty. Yadlowski goes. They aren't even bothering to announce penalties or goals anymore. I guess they realize it's a lost cause with the acoustics in here. Even with the rink jammed with people, there is still way too much echo.

Anyway, PKing is on the menu with Sinisalo Kalinski, Hostetter and Lehtivuori.

Nice save by Morrison and then nice D by Bourdon to get the rebound out of harm's way.

The PK is over but the Caps are still swarming in our end. We need to make them Go Away.

SOG with 8:34 left, Flyers 15, Capitals 17. Change in goal for the Flyers: DeSerres comes in. Morrison exits to well-deserved applause. Unlike in a regular game, they are allowing the goalie to take a few shots to warm up. Good. No need to let these kdis get damaged during an exhibition game.

Even strength grouping: Nodl, JVR,, Lehtivuori, Hostetter, wellwood.

Even strength grouping: Beaulieu, Bellamy, Klotz -- our fiesty line :). Marshall and Sloane on D.

PP with 6:31 left in the period. SOG Flyers 16, Capitals 17.

PP group JVR, Sinisalo, Kalinski, Yadlowski, Bourdon.

GAH nice save by DeSerres on a giveaway in our end. We shouldn't be giving up SH chances to the Capitals like that, but DeSerres was up to the challenge.

AAAH heck, so close! Our shot caused a rebound to go into the slot, just barely past Labrecque . The Caps got to the puck first and cleared it out. Marshall gets another chance, but again the rebound just eludes Labrecque. If that kid keeps positioning himself like he is, though, he's sure to put something in. He's doing the right things by being where he can make himself dangerous.

Thomas has gone off again, so we are on a PK and De Serres is doinjg a nice job. He had some ups and downs last year at this time, but today he is definitely on an "up" so far. :) Nice lateral move on his part just there.

PK: Sinisalo Wellwood Lehtivuori, and OH FARG a bad, bad line change leaves a bunch of Caps going in en masse on a breakaway. They take advantage of it and score. 4-3 Flyers.

OK, guys, can we get out of our end now? We are at even strength but we are having issues getting our rears in gear. SOG with 1:35 left in the period: Flyers 19, Caps 24. Ah, that's better. Out we go.

Rinaldo nails a Capital who was clearing the puck out of his end. Said Capital (Hauswirth) gives Rinaldo a small thump on the rump with his stickblade.

Nodl and JVR rush in, finally we are looking like we did earlier in the period. JVR!!!! Score! Apparently his second goal of the game, presuming he got that goal from the mad scramble earlier in the game. Anyway, he fired from the right faceoff circle and got nothing but net. No way the goalie was going to get across the net that fast, unless he teleported. 5-3 Flyers.

Oh, now we have nice momentum going, too bad there's under 20 seconds remaining in the period. And there goes the buzzer.

SOG at the end of the second period: Flyers 20, Capitals 24.

Surprise -- we have a PP. Where did THAT come from? ;) So we will start the third period with a man advantage for 1:26. The score is Flyers 5, Capitals 3.

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