Thursday, September 10, 2009

Welcome to the Flyers Farm Team Chronicles!

Welcome to my new Phantoms fan blog! Last season, 2008-09, I kept a record of the Phantoms' final season in their Philadelphia home, the Spectrum. That blog can be found here: The Final Countdown.

I still want to blog about the Phantoms, but I also wanted to keep The Final Countdown as a separate entity, a sort of souvenir of our final season in Philly. With those intentions in mind, I have started a new, post-Philadelphia blog for the Phantoms. This is the blog that I will use to follow the team during its current tenure in Glens Falls, NY, as well as any other location where the team plays once their agreement in the Adirondacks comes to an end.

Welcome to the life of a long-distance Phantoms Phan!

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