Friday, September 11, 2009

Prospects game: Flyers vs Capitals, 9/11/09: First Period

I lost the starting lineup when my computer crashed partway through the period. Phooey. I am hoping that they post a regular box score for this game online, at which point we will get some of the details that are missed on here.

I do have a roster for both teams, so later on, I will update any numbers in the recap and insert players' names instead.

Morrison started in goal for us; our other netminder is DeSerres.

We killed the first penalty when one of our guys nailed the Cap who had just passed the puck, Dubic, at the Caps half-boards. With two seconds left in our PK, Clackson got into a fight with someone whom I couldnt see because the dang linesman was in the way. I would award points to both combatants, with the Cap getting at least one takedown (they bounced back up) and Clackson landing some nice punches. I can't say I'm surprised to see a Caps prospect challenging the guy who was the Phantoms' top fighter last year. Nor am I surprised to see that Clackson was willing to throw down.

During the ensuing PP, because the Caps got assessed an extra two minutes out of the sequence of events leading to the fight, we scored. It's well-nigh impossible to understand anything being said over the PA in here; it sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher is announcing the goals and penalties.But at any rate, we got a PP goal. Again, we will have to wait for what I hope is a Real Box Score for some of the specifics.

The Caps tied the game after a flurry in front of our net which started when number Bruess of the Caps left his feet in his attempt to challenge our defenseman at the point. He did get the puck into our zone, and though Morrison made the initial stops, we couldn't seem to get the puck away from them and eventually they put it in. There was nothing Morrison could do with that.

We scored again to take a 2-1 lead, and again the announcement was unintelligible.

Soon afterward, our Thomas got a five-minute major after yet another Capital was hit at the Caps half boards and remained in a heap on the ice. I can't tell if it was just the fice minutes or if he was ejected into the bargain, as this time there was NO announcement, unintelligible or otherwise, of the penalties.I guess we'll see if he comes back during the second period or not.

At the end of the first period, the Flyers have 4:05 left on the PK. SOG are Flyers 8, Capitals 9. The Flyers currently lead 2-1.

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