Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Article on Leighton's rehab stint with the Phantoms (including interview)

CLICK HERE to read The Post-Star's interview with Michael Leighton as he starts his rehab stint with the Phantoms. We expect to see him in both games this weekend.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Micnael Leighton has arrived in Glens Falls. What will happen with the Flyers/Phantoms goalie situation, once Leighton's rehab stint ends in up to 6 days, is anybody's guess. Meanwhile, Backlund will miss 2-4 weeks with an ankle sprain.

If the Flyers opt to send Leighton down after the rehab stint, he would have to clear waivers. Given his history of being claimed, I will be somewhat surprised if he clears.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Hallelujah, the streak is over! Phantoms win in OT!

Hallelujah! The Phantoms won 4-3 in OT! Thank you, Denis Hamel for tying the game with 1:55 left, then scoring the winner in overtime!

Must have been the prayers from the people in the house for Faith and Family Night that put us over the top. :-) I wonder if we can get them all to attend the rest of our games this year?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New coach, Same Results: Losing Streak Reaches 10 Games

The results speak for themselves, and they're not saying anything pretty.

The Phantoms have welcomed John Paddock into his second stint as head coach with a 5-1 loss to the second-worst team in the league, the Toronto Marlies. In seven of the ten losses in this streak, we have given up 5 or more goals. In ALL of the losses in the streak, we've given up at least four goals. We haven't earned a standings point since an OTL on October 16.

I posted about replacing Gilbert with Paddock the day before the team pulled the trigger on precisely that move. For my next feat, I predict that trades and reassignments are going to be the order of the day. Some guys are going to be headed to the ECHL or out of the organization entirely. Speaking of which, I read a rumor a few days ago that we would see Maroon moved this week, but so far, that hasn't come to fruition. Here's hoping we get someone back who can help us, STAT. When it's crisis time and we're not even to Thanksgiving yet, you know your hockey team's having a rough year.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Phantoms Weekly Report #5, Phantoms Podcast, Transcript to Flyers Conference Call

HERE is the Phantoms Weekly Report #5 from the Phantoms site.

I seem to have missed last week's podcast link, so I'll put that link in with this week's:

HERE is the Phantoms Podcast Episode #5, and

HERE is Phantoms Podcast Episode #6 on The Post-Star.

And HERE is the transcript to tonight's conference call with the Flyers, regarding the coaching changes. As beat writer Tim McManus pointed out, it's different from, and expanded in some places compared to, the transcript released by the Flyers.

Greg Gilbert relieved of coaching duties; John Paddock named interim head coach; Wellwood returns to Phantoms

When the team is mired in a nine-game losing streak, and hasn't garnered a point of any kind since an overtime loss on October 16, something has to be done.

Today, the Phantoms relieved Greg Gilbert of his coaching duties. Assistant GM John Paddock will retake his place behind the Phantoms bench. He last coached the Phantoms during the 2008-09 season, the final year in Philadelphia. Former Adirondack Red Wing Joe Paterson would join the team as an assistant coach.

Click HERE to see the article on the Phantoms website.

The preliminary story in The Post-Star is HERE.

Eric Wellwood has been returned to the Phantoms on loan from the Flyers, after a callup during which he received a lot of praise. If not for the salary cap, I suspect he might have been able to stay up a little longer. See The Post-Star's Phantoms blog post HERE.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Phantoms' losing streak reaches nine, sets a franchise record

I don't know what's more depressing: the way the Phantoms are playing right now, or the negative, sometimes hostile response of the fans online (as represented by the people who post comments on The Post-Star's news coverage and blog posts). But honestly, the team has performed so poorly this season, that the fans are within their rights to rant.

The Phantoms have set a franchise record with their ninth consecutive loss. They haven't earned a point since October 16, an OTL vs. Albany. That's more than ten percent of the season we've burned up in this losing streak, folks. I'm detecting another playoff-free season unless we start turning things around, and I mean NOW.

Gilbert's in the tough position of having an extremely young team with a lot of newly-minted pros, plus the loss of one top guy (Maroon) and the presence of two other top guys who've been "served notice" that if they don't straighten up and fly right, they'll be the next ones gone (Kalinski and Legein). We got a new veteran (Denis Hamel), and he's scored three times for us in two games, but it'll take a lot more than one guy to get this team on the right track.

My instinct says, "Get Gilbert out of there, and tell Assistant GM (and former Phantoms coach) John Paddock he's going back behind the bench for the remainder of the season." Paddock's Phantoms didn't exactly dominate the league in 2008-09, but at least we made the freaking playoffs. We got steamrolled by the Hershey powerhouse in the first round, but at least we freaking got to the first round.

It's a mess in Glens Falls. As much as I miss my team and wish I could see them in person, there's a part of me that's thinking, "I don't want these health issues that are keeping me from a road trip, but at least I can't travel NOW while the team can't seem to win its way out of a paper bag." Maybe the team's play will improve by the time my health does.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Phantoms Weekly Report #4

Read the Phantoms Weekly Report #4 HERE on the Phantoms website.

Phantoms' losing streak continues; Denis Hamel comes to ADK; Eric Wellwood makes Flyers debut; More on Maroon's departure

The Phantoms lost their seventh consecutive game on Saturday, to Rochester. Read about it, as well as Paul Holmgren's comments on Pat Maroon's status, HERE. There is also a transcript of Holmgren's interview HERE. Patrick Maroon will not be returning to the Phantoms; Holmgren is exploring other options, including trade or reassignment to the ECHL.

Maybe we can loan him out to another AHL team. (Preferably NOT one in our division, as that could come back to bite us in the caboose.) I've seen us loan players out to other teams, and then accept others on loan in return. Surely there'll be at least one other AHLer somewhere in the league who could use a fresh start in a new organization. That would be the first place I would look to send Maroon, be it by loan or by trade, with the intent of receiving said other player back in return. Whatever happened, it's a downright shame that matters had to reach this point. I thought Maroon brought a lot to the table on the ice, and this team sorely needs any and all contributions right now as they attempt to get back on track. According to THIS post, Jon Kalinski and Stefan Legein were "warned" to straighten up and fly right, or face a similar fate to Maroon's.

There IS some good news to report on the player front. Denis Hamel, an AHL veteran who had a brief (7 games) stint with the Flyers a few years ago, has been signed to a PTO. He's spent the past few years with the Bingo Sens. He has a track record of community involvement in Binghamton, including winning the AHLs Yanick Dupre Award as the league's Man of the Year, so I'm sure Senators fans will hate to see him go. I think a veteran of his on- and off-ice caliber will be a huge boon to the team right now. Read more about him HERE.

In other good news, Eric Wellwood made his NHL debut last night, as the Flyers will be without the services of Danny Briere (suspended) and Andreas Nodl (injured) for the next several games. He looked terrific. I can honestly say that no observer would have been able to guess that it was his first NHL game, if they hadn't already been aware of that fact, solely from watching him play. I thought for sure that he was about to get his first NHL assist, at one point, but the puck didn't cooperate by going into the net. Heck. On the other hand, if he keeps playing as he did last night, his first NHL points will be listed among his stats by the time he returns to the Phantoms.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Phantoms dismiss Patrick Maroon, extend losing streak to 6 games

I'm entirely bewildered to log on today and see that, along with losing the sixth straight game last night, the Phantoms have dismissed Patrick Maroon. He is "pending reassignment", according to coach Greg Gilbert. That could mean anything from a loanout to a trade to a buyout, so stay tuned.

What. The. Bleep. I hate to see us lose our current top scorer, especially since goals have been supremely hard to come by in the team's first nine games. He was slated to be a mainstay of the team this year, which makes the news that much more jarring.

The Post-Star has articles here and here. The Broad Street Hockey site has THIS to say on the subject.

I'm pretty well floored by this news, to be honest. Our front office had better come up with some scoring punch ASAP to replace what Maroon would have brought to the team this year. I was expecting him to have a breakout season, or at least a make-or-break one as he's a prospect in a contract year. So much for that idea.

Significantly, both Paul Holmgren and John Paddock were in attendance in Glens Falls last night. The Flyers had a game in Pittsburgh at the same time, which (as I found out earlier this week) is actually closer to Philadelphia than Glens Falls is. In any event, it's not a small matter for Homer and Paddock to make an appearance at a Phantoms game when the Flyers are playing as well. I'm trying hard to remember if it ever happened when the Phantoms were in the Spectrum, and I can't. The Flyers brass were normally with the Flyers on their game days, not the Phantoms, even when we were only right across the street. Of course, when both teams were in Philly, they also both PRACTICED in the same building, so the Flyers brass had ready access to the farm team at nearly all times (barring road trips for one or both teams). So they wouldn't have had to make a 288-mile pilgrimage to make their point by showing up in person.

All I can say is, with the way the Phantoms are slumping, GOOD that Holmgren and Paddock watched the team with their own eyes last night. I hope they stuck around in Glens Falls for tonight's game, too (though the Flyers have a home game tonight). I *want* the front office people to see firsthand just what the Phantoms need to field a competitive team. And right now, we need plenty.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Back-to-back 5-1 losses. Ouch. Also, game recaps, podcasts and weekly report updates

I haven't had the chance to listen to/watch the last couple of Phantoms games. The stream for their radio station has been down-and-out for over a week, and I haven't been home to watch the games online.

However, I can say that we lost to the Charlotte Checkers (former Albany River Ratw) at home on Friday night, 5-1. Jon Matsumoto, who was traded to Carolina over the summer, had a goal and two assists, and was the second star. I still can't figure out why the Flyers never even gave him a cup of coffee in the NHL. Then we played in Hershey on Saturday night, and lost 5-1 again. Ouch. Without having seen the past couple of games, I can't vouch for what we did well or poorly, but the scoresheets suggest that there are at least some things that we'll do well to work on in our next practices.

Sorry for the delay in posting... my health has not been ideal lately, and it's been getting in my way at times. The good news is, when I have surgery next month, it'll be all over but the recovery, but until then, I'll keep plugging away the best I can.

I have a couple of podcast links, courtesy of The Post-Star:

Phantoms Podcast, Episode 3
Phantoms Podcast, Episode 4

Here is the Phantoms Weekly Release, Week 2 from the Phantoms website.

Recaps of games that were played between the previous post and now:

October 12: Phantoms @ Wilkes-Barre/Scranton; Penguins 2, Phantoms 1
October 15: Syracuse @ Phantoms; Phantoms 3, Crunch 2
October 16: Albany @ Phantoms; Devils 4, Phantoms 3, OT
October 17: Phantoms @ Rochester; Americans 5, Phantoms 2
October 22: Charlotte @ Phantoms; Checkers 5, Phantoms 1
October 23: Phantoms @ Hershey; Bears 5, Phantoms 1
October 24: Phantoms @ Hershey; Bears 4, Phantoms 2

Monday, October 11, 2010

Phatoms Weekly, Week One; Phantoms website's coverage of the weekend

CLICK HERE for the Phantoms' website's first Phantoms Weekly report of the season.

CLICK HERE for the Phantoms' website's coverage of the weekend games.

10-9-10 Phantoms @ Albany: Phantoms 5, Devils 3, plus weekend wrap-up

I wasn't able to watch the Phantoms/Albany tilt live. However, I was pleased to see that we've earned the first win of the season, defeating Albany 5-3.

Here is the coverage of Saturday's games in The Post-Star:

Phantoms' efforts pay off in victory
Phantoms Forum: Phantoms 5, Devils 3 (FINAL)
Phantoms Forum: Postgame: Phantoms 5, Albany 3

Here is the box score from the AHL's site.

Friday, October 8, 2010

10-08-10 Phantoms at Binghamtom: Senators 5, Phantoms 1

From the Phantoms Facebook page:

Phantoms fall at Binghamton 5-1 in season opener. Great game for Johan Backlund in goal. Patrick Maroon scores first Adirondack goal of the year on the power play easily slamming in the nice cross-ice feed from Dan Jancevski. Next up: At the Albany Devils Saturday night at 7. Just 7 days away until the Phantoms Home Opener!

I did get to watch the entire game online; however, the audio was glitched for both the Adirondack and Binghamton feeds. So all of the fans who were logged in to AHL Live watched the game sans play-by-play until a little while after the midpoint of the game.

I haven't yet seen the box score, nor the stars of the game. However, I can say that Johan Backlund should have had a star, five goals-against notwithstanding. The Phantoms' teamwide youth (average age 22.8 years) really showed itself tonight, as there were lengthy stretches when the only Phantom touching the puck was the goaltender. We were massively outshot, and there were some parts of the game when even though the teams were even strength, the appearance was that the Senators were on the power play.

Though we did give up three PP goals, I can say that I was pleased to see the Phantoms kill off a full two-minute 5-on-3 PK. So that, and Backlund's performance in the game, were bright spots.

I am still concerned that Backlund's hip is still not quite in top form yet. The Senators got a wraparound goal, going around behind the net after Backlund made an excellent save on one post, and firing it in the open side of the net. Backlund just couldn't make the lateral move quickly enough. Mind you, a lot of goalies might have had a challenge going post-to-post on that particular goal. But the way Backlund moved made me think that his hip was among the reasons he couldn't get over there as quickly as he'd have liked. One thing's for sure -- his hip, and everything else, got quite the workout during this game. He'll be able to make a long report to the trainer on how the hip felt when he put it through its paces.

CLICK HERE for the box score from tonight's game.
CLICK HERE for The Post-Star's Phantoms blog post for the game.
CLICK HERE for The Post-Star's postgame blog post.
CLICK HERE for the game article from The Post-Star.

The Phantoms play in Albany on Saturday at 7 PM.

Phantoms officially announce the finalized roster

CLICK HERE for the article on the Phantoms website, announcing the final roster to start the season.

Post-Star article, including Phantoms final roster

CLICK HERE to read Tim McManus's article: "3 things to watch this weekend, a final roster, and where everyone went". It includes the Phantoms opening night roster, as well as a list of where the players went who were cut from the training camp roster. The following players will be on the Phantoms roster when they play the season opener tonight:

Forwards (13): Matt Clackson, Ben Holmstrom, Jon Kalinski, Garrett Klotz, David Laliberte, Stefan Legein, Pat Maroon, Greg Moore, Luke Pither, Andrew Rowe, Zac Rinaldo, Mike Testwuide, Eric Wellwood.

Defensemen (7): Marc-Andre Bourdon, Erik Gustafsson, Dan Jancevski, Joonas Lehtivuori, Kevin Marshall, Logan Stephenson, J.P. Testwuide.

Goalies (2): Johan Backlund, Brian Stewart.

Captains: Dan Jancevski (C); Greg Moore (A); David Laliberte (A).

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Post-Star Weekly Phantoms Forum Podcast; Power Rankings from The Hockey News; Twitter updates

CLICK HERE to listen to the latest Phantoms podcast on the Post-Star site.

The Hockey News has released its AHL Power Rankings. Click HERE to see them. The Phantoms have almost nowhere to go but up, as they've been ranked 29th out of a possible 30 teams. I can't say that's a surprising way for the team to start this season, given the combination of underachievement last year plus the loss of our top scorers. However, I do believe that we've got what it takes to have a far better season this year than the subpar results of last year. Unfortunately, we've got a couple of powerhouses in the division, with Hershey and Wilkes-Barre, so challenging for a playoff spot will be as difficult of a task as ever. However, I see that Hershey has lost some of its Phantoms-killers to other teams and other leagues (Alexandre Giroux, anyone?), so perhaps that will be to our benefit.

According to beat writer Tim McManus's Twitter feed, Dan Jancevski has been named captain of the team, with Greg Moore and David Laliberte as alternate captains. Shane Harper is confirmed as sent to the ECHL affiliate in Greenville. D Cullen Eddy appears to have been sent to Greenville as well.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Per Broad Street Hockey, Nodl has been temporarily sent to the Phantoms due to roster size constraints

According to THIS article on Broad Street Hockey, the Flyers had to temporarily assign Andreas Nodl to the Phantoms in order to trim their roster size to 23.

Ian Laperriere (post-concussion syndrome) and Michael Leighton (bulging disk in lower back) are not on the LTIR yet, though it's expected that both of them will eventually go on the long-term injured reserve. Assigning them to the LTIR would remove them from the active roster; the Flyers roster stands at 25, when it must be 23 by noon today.

Therefore, Nodl was sent down as a roster-trimming move, though according to Paul Holmgren, he will be recalled when the Flyers have cleared room for him on the active roster.

I sure hope he doesn't have to haul himself and all his gear 288 miles to Glens Falls, if he's going to be back on the Flyers roster in the immediate future. This is the kind of thing that makes me (and, I'm sure, the Flyers brass) miss the days when both teams operated out of the same practice facility. Callups and send-downs merely required a player to walk to the opposite side of the same building. Oh, well.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Phantoms moves (Riopel to ECHL)

According to the Twitter feed of Phantoms beat writer Tim McManus, the Phantoms have made additional roster moves to bring their roster to 23. According to THIS article in today's Post-Star, here is the Phantoms' current roster:

Goalies (2): Johan Backlund, Brian Stewart.

Forwards (13): Pat Maroon, Luke Pither, Mike Testwuide, Andrew Rowe, Greg Moore, Stefan Legein, Eric Wellwood, Ben Holmstrom, David Laliberte, Garrett Klotz, Jon Kalinski, Matt Clackson, Zac Rinaldo.

Defenseman (8): Marc-Andre Bourdon, Joonas Lehtivuori, Erik Gustafsson, Dan Jancevski, Kevin Marshall, Logan Stephenson, J.P. Testwuide, Cullen Eddy.

Today's practice lines, again drawing from the above-mentioned article, are as follows:

Lines: Maroon/Pither/Legein; Rowe/Moore/M. Testwuide; Wellwood/Holmstrom/Laliberte; Klotz/Kalinski(Rinaldo)/Clackson.

Defense: Gustafsson/Jancevski; Bourdon/Lehtivuori; Marshall/Stephenson; J.P Testwuide/Eddy.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Post-Star coverage of the roster moves, last night's Flyers preseason game

CLICK HERE for the Post-Star's coverage of today's Phantoms roster moves, as well as some talk about last night's Flyers preseason game.

Patrick Maroon took part in the Flyers tilt in Buffalo, and absorbed a hard hit that appeared to knock him out. He left the ice on his own; however, he missed a lot of time last season due to a concussion, so this is not the kind of thing anyone wants to see. I hope he's all right.

More players assigned to Phantoms

According to the Twitter feeds of Anthony SanFilippo and Tim Panaccio, the following players have been sent from the Flyers to the Phantoms: Backlund, Bourdon, Testwuide, Holmstrom, Gustafsson, Laliberte, and Kalinski.

Andreas Nodl, meanwhile, is staying with the Flyers, as is Sergei Bobrovsky. With the possibility that Ian Laperriere and Michael Leighton will be starting the NHL season on the LTIR, that's a significant tip of the cap to both those players.

EDIT TO ADD: Backlund and Laliberte have to clear waivers in order to be sent down. I hadn't realized that Laliberte would have to clear waivers.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Phantoms lose third preseason game, 5-4, in Syracuse

For the second night in a row, the online radio stream didn't work. However, I did find a couple of Syracuse Crunch-related Twitter feeds that kept me updated on the game. Such as this one:

@SyracuseCrunch Syracuse Crunch win 5-4 v. Adirondack Phantoms! Bonino named first star and Syvret gets the 2nd star.

I think we're going to regret not having Syvret on this team anymore. On the other hand, we have a huge logjam on the Flyers blueline. He probably stands a better chance of getting an NHL shot in Anaheim's system, as compared to ours.

Anyway, the Phantoms are now 0-3, or 0-2-1-0 if you want to separate OTL and SOLs from regulation losses. They were all close games on the scoreboard, which is good, but I'm looking forward to seeing the team register a W.

Phantoms Preseason Results to date

The Phantoms have played two preseason games vs. Albany so far. The first one was a 2-1 OT loss to the Albany Devils on Friday night. The second one was a 4-2 loss, with the fourth Albany goal going into the empty net.

I haven't been online a lot in the past couple of days, so I'm going to have to do some legwork to track down preseason coverage. However, I did find a nice writeup on Zac Rinaldo, a Phantom who should help make this a pretty colorful season. :-) CLICK HERE for Broad Street Hockey's take on his performance so far.

The Phantoms wrap up a three-games-in-three-nights stint in Syracuse tonight. Here's to improving our preseason record with a win!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Phantoms Podcast

The first Phantoms podcast can be found HERE on the Post-Star's website.

Update on the Phantoms Training Camp Roster

According to THIS ARTICLE on the Post-Star site, there will be 19 players on tryout contracts joining the Phantoms who were sent to Adirondack from Flyers training camp. The roster will be as follows:

Phantoms training camp roster
Forwards (20): Greg Moore, Luke Pither, Matt Clackson, Garrett Klotz, Pat Maroon, Tye McGinn, Zac Rinaldo, Andrew Rowe, Shane Harper and Stefan Legein, Justin Bowers, Andrew Martin, David Volpe, Brett Wilson, Josh Fauth, Josh Heidinger, Guilio Scandella, Brett Watson, Chase Watson, Jason Williams.

Defensemen (14): Chad Denny, Jesse Dudas, Cullen Eddy, Dan Jancevski, Logan Stephenson, J.P. Testwuide, Brad Cole, Patrick Cusack, Thomas Dignard, Jim Driscoll, Mike Gershon, Dan Henningson, Peter MacDougall.

Goalies (3): Nic Riopel, Brian Stewart, Brad Phillips.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cut-down day arrives: Players reassigned to Phantoms and junior teams

CLICK HERE for the article about player reassignments (or releases from tryout contracts) on the Flyers site.

Flyers reduce training camp roster

Flyers trim roster by 28 players

Sunday, 09.26.2010 / 3:33 PM / News
Philadelphia Flyers
The Philadelphia Flyers announced today that they have reduced their training camp roster by 28 players, according to General Manager Paul Holmgren. Eighteen players have been assigned to the team's American Hockey League affiliate, the Adirondack Phantoms.  Five players have been returned to their junior teams, and five others were released from tryout contracts.

The following players were assigned to the Phantoms and will report to the team's training camp later this week: forwards Greg Moore, Luke Pither, Matt Clackson, Garrett Klotz, Pat Maroon, Tye McGinn, Zac Rinaldo, Andrew Rowe, Shane Harper and Stefan Legein; defensemen Chad Denny, Jesse Dudas, Cullen Eddy, Dan Jancevski, Logan Stephenson, and J.P. Testwuide; and goaltenders Nic Riopel and Brian Stewart.

The following players have been returned to their junior teams: D Ricard Blidstrand (Regina, WHL); F Michael Chaput (Lewiston, QMJHL); F David Labrecque (Shawinigan, QMJHL); D Brendan Ranford (Kamloops, WHL) and D Tyler Hostetter (Erie, OHL).  In addition, F Justin Dowling and F Blake Gal were released from their Amateur Tryout Agreements and will also return to their junior teams, while forward Michael Ryan and defensemen Ryan Lannon and Joe Piskula were released from their Professional Tryout Agreements.

The moves leave the Flyers training camp roster at 37 players (20 forwards, 12 defensemen and five goaltenders). 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Meet The Flyers taping

Meet The Flyers taping

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

Phantoms site training camp coverage and radio station

The Phantoms web page has got some coverage of Flyers Training Camp HERE.

Also, WNYQ will broadcast Phantoms games again this season. Their "Listen Live" link is now active again. I'm pretty glad about that, as I really grew to like that station and was disappointed when the cybercast went offline during the summer. HERE is the link to listen to the station.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

2010 Flyers Training Camp Roster

The Flyers begin Training Camp on September 17 with the unveiling of their new road jersey. They will be on the ice for the first time on September 18.

CLICK HERE for the PDF version of the Training Camp Guide.

Here is the roster, sorted by jersey number. Sorry if the formatting gets goofed up... it's a challenge to get the spacing to behave when copying and pasting from a spreadsheet. (I'm trying to look up the right technique even as I type, but I haven't found it yet.)

Nbr Last Name First Name Position
3 Bartulis       Oskars  D
5 Coburn  Braydon  D
6 O'Donnell       Sean D
8 Walker    Matt D
9 Guerin  Bill RW
10 Laliberte David RW
11 Betts Blair LW
13 Carcillo Daniel LW
14 Laperriere Ian C/RW
15 Nodl Andreas RW
17 Carger Jeff
18 Richards Mike C
19 Hartnell Scott LW
20 Pronger Chris    
21 van Riemsdyk James    RW
22 Leino    Ville    RW
24 Ryan     Michael   C
25 Carle    Matt     D
26 Jancevski Dan      D
27 Gustafsson Erik     D
28 Giroux   Claude   RW
29 Maroon   Patrick   LW
30 Backlund Johan    G
32 Moore    Greg     C
33 Boucher   Brian    G
34 Holmstrom    Ben      C
35 Bobrovsky Sergei   G
36 Powe     Darroll   RW
37 Kalinski Jon      C
38 Harper   Shane    RW
39 Testwuide Mike     RW
40 Pither   Luke     C
41 Meszaros Andreas   D
42 Chaput   Michael  C
43 Bourdon  Marc-Andre D
44 Timonen  Kimmo    D
45 Shelley  Jody     D
46 Marshall Kevin    D
47 Wellwood Eric     LW
48 Briere   Danny    C
49 Leighton Michael   G
50 Blidstrand Ricard   D
51 Rinaldo  Zac      C
52 Rowe     Andrew   LW
53 McGinn   Tye      LW
54 Legein   Stefan   RW
55 Hostetter Tyler    D
56 Manning   Neil     D
57 Stephenson Logan    D
58 Lehtivuori Joonas   D
59 Dowling   Justin   C
60 Labrecque David    C
61 O'Connor Ryan     D
62 Eddy     Cullen   D
63 Clackson Matt     LW
64 Klotz    Garrett  LW
65 Testwuide J.P.     D
67 Stewart Brian    G
70 Bissonette Matt     LW
71 Gal       Blake    RW
72 Ranford   Brendan  LW
73 Morrison Adam     G
74 Riopel    Nic      G
76 Dudas    Jesse    D
93 Zherdev  Nikolai RW

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Backlund is still rehabbing his hip, post-surgery; rookies report to Voorhees this weekend

According to Tim Panaccio of CSN Philly, Johan Backlund is still rehabbing his hip, 11 weeks post-surgery. He's taking shots standing up, but not in the butterfly. He hopes to be ready by the start of Training Camp on September 17.

Also, rookies report to Voorhees, NJ this weekend, and take the ice on Monday.

CLICK HERE to read the article.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Phantoms 2010-11 Schedule is released

CLICK HERE for the Phantoms 2010-11 schedule on the Phantoms site.

Flyers sign four to AHL conracts

The Flyers have signed goaltender Nic Riopel, and defensemen Logan Stephenson, J.P. Testwuide (the brother of Mike, who is also on the roster), and Jesse Dudas to AHL contracts.

CLICK HERE for the article in the Post-Star.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Phantoms will play the Albany Devils in Atlantic CIty this season

Oh, how I wish the Phantoms were the home team in Atlantic City! With all due respect to Glens Falls, I'm a Philadelphian and I sincerely wish that the team was NOT 300-ish miles away! I wish I could see them WITHOUT having to factor in a 10-hour round trip and an overnight stay!


The NJ Devils are going to have several of their AHL (Albany) and ECHL (Trenton) teams' games played in Atlantic City this season.

This includes a tilt between the Phantoms and Albany. CLICK HERE for the article on, or continue reading below.

Devils invade Flyers country, bring five minor-league games to Atlantic City

The Albany Devils will host the Adirondack Phantoms here at Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall on Sunday, December 5. Photo by Travis Hughes,
The Albany Devils will host the Adirondack Phantoms here at Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall on Sunday, December 5. Photo by Travis Hughes,
ATLANTIC CITY -- The Phantoms moved from Philadelphia to the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York back in the spring of 2009. In a triumphant return home last winter, the Phantoms took on the Norfolk Admirals in front of a very large crowd at Wachovia Center. They lost, but they did a lot of that last year anyway.
Yet again in 2010-11, the Phantoms will be coming home. It'll be a little bit different, however.
The two minor league affiliates of the New Jersey Devils, the AHL's Albany Devils and the ECHL's Trenton Devils, will play a combined five home games next season at Boardwalk Hall here in Atlantic City. In the first of these games on Sunday, December 5 at 5 PM, the Devils will host the Phantoms in what could very well be a largely pro-Adirondack crowd.
For the record, the Phantoms had to agree to play the game at a site other than Albany.
Atlantic City, Atlantic County and the Southern Jersey Shore, as you may know, sits deeply in the Philadelphia media market and is certainly considered Flyers territory. There are Devils fans here, to be sure, but anybody telling you that this area is anything but orange and black is lying to your face.
A press conference on Tuesday morning at the 81-year old Jersey Shore landmark brought out all of the dignitaries, from Devils owner Jeff Vanderbeek to GM Lou Lamoriello -- any and all Kovalchuk questions were met with "we can't comment, sorry" -- to NJ's Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno.
They all spoke on the party line: we're "Jersey's Team" and we're here to claim what's ours.
You think that's an exaggeration, don't you?
"We know that the Trenton Devils, Albany Devils and New Jersey Devils are all Jersey teams," said Guadagno, who apparently didn't need to pass a geography test before being sworn into office.
"The Governor is a hockey dad and the Lieutenant Governor is a hockey mom," said Lamoriello. "So if anybody is questioning that the New Jersey Devils hockey team is in a New Jersey Devils state, just think, we finally put in the state a hockey mom and a hockey dad, so we've finally taken control of the state."
Vanderbeek extrapolated that a bit.
"We are not North Jersey's team, we are not Central Jersey's team, and we are certainly not the team in the strip of land between New York and Philadelphia," said Vanderbeek. "This is New Jersey's team and we really need and want to embrace everybody from this state. We really want to expand our reaches."
"Historically, the Flyers have been here a long time. It has been [Flyers territory here]. But at the same time, this is New Jersey. We feel strongly that it's rightfully ours. We're gonna make a concerted effort to try to gain those fans."
Well, nobody can blame them for having ambition, I guess.
"That game on February 11 with match the Devils with the Flyers, going toe-to-toe, said Matt Loughlin, the Devils radio play-by-play voice who served as master of ceremonies at the conference. "We're going to try to turn orange and black into red and black."
This whole thing seems like the part of a larger strategy for the Devils. Along with their "Jersey's Team" marketing slogan, which debuted two seasons ago, they're certainly making a concerted effort to expand their reach outside of North and Central Jersey.
If they were to move their farm team to South Jersey and get involved in the local hockey community -- the rink in AC, by the way, is the Flyers Skate Zone -- there's no disputing they could develop a fan base here. Vanderbeek knows that.
"I think you'll see that accelerate. We might get into affiliations with rinks, as far as youth hockey, further South than we're used to. We have a couple of other ideas that we'll see over the next few years as well."
"Historically, the Flyers have been here a long time. It has been [Flyers territory here]. But at the same time, this is New Jersey. We feel strongly that it's rightfully ours. We're gonna make a concerted effort to try to gain those fans."
Could that be the ultimate goal here? Do the Devils want to house one of their minor league teams at Boardwalk Hall on a permanent basis?
It really does seem like they're interested. The key word in that sentence is interested, of course, and there's no guarantee that these five games will be successful here. After all, the ECHL's Boardwalk Bullies won a Kelly Cup in 2003 and wound up leaving town just two years later. Bad marketing and poor attendance did them in.
But throughout the hour-long event this morning, both Lamoriello and Vanderbeek kept raving about the beauty of Boardwalk Hall. From the ice plant to the locker rooms to the arena itself, the gentlemen were impressed, much to the pleasure, surely, of the state, who poured $90 million into this building at the turn of the century.
The real question for residents of Southern New Jersey who would love to see hockey back in AC, however, is if these five games will impact the chances of that happening. Of course, the Devils have a commitment in Albany and would never say as much, but reading between the lines a bit, the interest is clear.
"We really hope we're part of a new renaissance here that provides entertainment for all walks of life," said Vanderbeek. A renaissance? You don't become part of a renaissance by playing five games in an otherwise empty building. Then again, they're not really stopping at five games.
"Our intent is to, a year from now, bring an exhibition -- an National Hockey League exhibition game -- into this facility here," Lamoriello said at the podium. Vasser, of the Atlantic City Convention and Visitors Authority, told me after the conference that he hadn't yet heard that proposal. But, nevertheless.
"This is our toe in the water, said Vanderbeek. "We are looking forward to playing in Albany this season. At the same time, our long-to-mid-range plan will be to have at least one, if not more minor league franchises in New Jersey. It's a possibility."
Whether they admit it or not, and really, they did everything but admit it this morning, the Devils are hoping to bring one of their affiliates to Atlantic City. In an area that's historically been colored with Flyers orange, they want to change that.
The NHL defines home territory as a 50 mile radius around the city limits of the city the team plays its home games in. By definition, then, the Flyers home territory is a big 50-mile circle around Philadelphia. Atlantic City is about 52 miles away, according to my rough estimation using Google Earth, but much of the Greater Atlantic City area is clearly within that circle.
A team has the sole right to market its NHL games inside their home territory, according to the NHL's Constitution.
So in terms of marketing these games and promoting their own brand in the future within the South Jersey market, will that impact the way the Devils do business?
"No, not at all," said Vanderbeek. "It doesn't effect [how the Flyers do business]. 
It'll be interesting to see what becomes of these five minor league games here in Atlantic City this coming season, but even if they aren't successful, one thing is for certain. The Devils have drawn their battle lines, and they're ready for a big time fight with the Flyers over the South Jersey market.