Thursday, September 16, 2010

2010 Flyers Training Camp Roster

The Flyers begin Training Camp on September 17 with the unveiling of their new road jersey. They will be on the ice for the first time on September 18.

CLICK HERE for the PDF version of the Training Camp Guide.

Here is the roster, sorted by jersey number. Sorry if the formatting gets goofed up... it's a challenge to get the spacing to behave when copying and pasting from a spreadsheet. (I'm trying to look up the right technique even as I type, but I haven't found it yet.)

Nbr Last Name First Name Position
3 Bartulis       Oskars  D
5 Coburn  Braydon  D
6 O'Donnell       Sean D
8 Walker    Matt D
9 Guerin  Bill RW
10 Laliberte David RW
11 Betts Blair LW
13 Carcillo Daniel LW
14 Laperriere Ian C/RW
15 Nodl Andreas RW
17 Carger Jeff
18 Richards Mike C
19 Hartnell Scott LW
20 Pronger Chris    
21 van Riemsdyk James    RW
22 Leino    Ville    RW
24 Ryan     Michael   C
25 Carle    Matt     D
26 Jancevski Dan      D
27 Gustafsson Erik     D
28 Giroux   Claude   RW
29 Maroon   Patrick   LW
30 Backlund Johan    G
32 Moore    Greg     C
33 Boucher   Brian    G
34 Holmstrom    Ben      C
35 Bobrovsky Sergei   G
36 Powe     Darroll   RW
37 Kalinski Jon      C
38 Harper   Shane    RW
39 Testwuide Mike     RW
40 Pither   Luke     C
41 Meszaros Andreas   D
42 Chaput   Michael  C
43 Bourdon  Marc-Andre D
44 Timonen  Kimmo    D
45 Shelley  Jody     D
46 Marshall Kevin    D
47 Wellwood Eric     LW
48 Briere   Danny    C
49 Leighton Michael   G
50 Blidstrand Ricard   D
51 Rinaldo  Zac      C
52 Rowe     Andrew   LW
53 McGinn   Tye      LW
54 Legein   Stefan   RW
55 Hostetter Tyler    D
56 Manning   Neil     D
57 Stephenson Logan    D
58 Lehtivuori Joonas   D
59 Dowling   Justin   C
60 Labrecque David    C
61 O'Connor Ryan     D
62 Eddy     Cullen   D
63 Clackson Matt     LW
64 Klotz    Garrett  LW
65 Testwuide J.P.     D
67 Stewart Brian    G
70 Bissonette Matt     LW
71 Gal       Blake    RW
72 Ranford   Brendan  LW
73 Morrison Adam     G
74 Riopel    Nic      G
76 Dudas    Jesse    D
93 Zherdev  Nikolai RW

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