Saturday, October 31, 2009

Here comes another stork with a delivery for yet another Phantom! :-)

From Tim McManus's Phantoms Twitter feed:

PSPhantoms: Jared Ross missed Saturday's game in Toronto for birth of child. His status is uncertain for Sunday. Kalinski out w/flu.

So that's Kalinski and Backlund with the flu, so far. I wish a speedy recovery to them both.

And, of course, congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Ross on the new addition to their family! :)

LALIBERTE with an assist!

David Laliberte strikes again, this time with an assist on James van Riemsdyk's goal! The score is currently 4-1 Flyers.


SCOOOOOOORE! I just about broke my husband's arm while celebrating David Laliberte's first career NHL goal! ;-)

2-0, Flyers!

Laliberte is warming up with the Flyers

David Laliberte is warming up with the Flyers. He's wearing #9.

Phantoms @ Toronto Marlies 10-30-09: Postgame

(This post will be brought up-to-date as the content I plan to link to becomes available.)

HERE is the box score for this game from the AHL's site.

HERE is the game article from the Post-Star site.

HERE and HERE are the game coverage from the Post-Star's Phantoms blog.

HERE is the game recap from the Phantoms website.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Phantoms @ Toronto Marlies 10-30-09: Third Period

I had a slight reboot situation that resulted in my missing a large chunk of the third, including the third Marlies goal. Sounds like Hamilton got his second tally of the night.

I'm noticing the Beaulieu line out there more than I did in the last few games. Partly that's from some regulars' being absent. But I also think that hard work gets rewarded.

Drat. Game over. 3-0, Marlies is the final score. The combination of flu and the shuffling of our best scoring line due to a callup can't have helped our offense.

Hopefully, we'll see more success at home Sunday.

Phantoms @ Toronto Marlies 10-30-09: Second Period

Apparently, we were assessed the first THREE penalties. Fortunately, as we already trail by a pair of goals, we have killed all three infractions.

Beaulieu is on a line with Clackson and Klotz; he makes a nice, if unsuccessful, diving attempt to keep the puck in the TO end.

AGAIN we're shorthanded. Clackson goes. I can't see who Matsumoto is out with. Then Legein and Beaulieu go on the ice with Mormina & Marshall.

As the penalty expires, we get matching minors so we're at 4 on 4.

BAH. Too many men on the ice = SH again. Kaspar sits. We're at 4 on 3 briefly, then we'll go to 5 on 4.

We have yet to get a PP and we're halfway through regulation time.

Finalmente! We get a PP! Maroon comes close to halving the deficlt, but no joy.

Back to even strength and HELLO, EARTH TO REF, Hamilton just slew-footed our goalie! Ref lets it go. :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

At the end of the second period, the score remains 2-0, TO.

Phantoms @ Toronto Marlies 10-30-09: First Period

This game's box score can be found HERE on the AHL's site.

Legein is replacing Laliberte, who has been called up, on the Matsumoto line. Riopel is starting, with the called-up Teslak as backup. Backlund is sick. Flu is hitting both the Phantoms & Marlies

We give up the first goal as the forward Hamilton cashes in his own rebound.

At the time of the second TO goal, we are being outshot 12-3. Not what any of us had in mind, I'm sure. :(

Rob Bellamy is in his first game of the season after being injured in training camp. Logan Stephenson is in the lineup, following the loss of Randy Jones on recall waivers.

We have also been assessed the first two penalties of the game. Dingle got two nice SH scoring chances.

At the end of the first period, TO leads 2-0 and is outshooting the Phantoms 14-4.

Phantoms @ Toronto Marlies 10-30-09: Pregame

I won't be able to live blog the game in depth, as my main computer's hard drive died yesterday. (Again! Third freaking time since April! &*@^#!*&@^#) I will, however, take some in-game notes and post observations later.

For live game streaming, visit the WNYQ link, on the right-hand sidebar, for a free feed from the Phantoms' flagship radio station. Also, you can go to AHL Live for live game audio (free) or video streaming (fee). You can also follow Tim McManus's Twitter feed, which can e accessed via the sidebar on this blog.


Laliberte gets called up to the Flyers

All the Phantoms fan in me can say to this news is, "Wow!"
PSPhantoms: Phantoms best line gets broken up as David Laliberte gets called to Flyers to take Danny Briere's place.
For THIS, I'll bring my camera to tomorrow afternoon's Flyers game. If David Laliberte is in the lineup, I want to take game pictures.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

More on Randy Jones

The Phantoms website has THIS article detailing the loss of Randy Jones to a waiver claim.

Per various Twitter posts: Jones claimed by LA, Kings, Teslak called up due to Backlund's illness

I see a post on Twitter from Tim McManus, the Phantoms beat writer, that says:

PSPhantoms: Teslak called up becuse Backlund is ill. He may not make trip to Toronto.

Meanwhile, I am still waiting to see a news article link, regarding the claiming of Randy Jones by the Los Angeles Kings, but several Philly hockey reporters have posted on Twitter about it.

tpanotch: La Kings claim randy jones.

tpanotch: "that,s the risk you take." holmgren on losing jones.

DNFlyers: I have confirmed though that Randy Jones was claimed by the Kings. Was this a handshake deal with Ron Hextall / Dean Lombardi?

FlyersOnTheFly: RT @LAKingsHockey: The #LAKings have claimed defenseman Randy Jones off waivers from the #Flyers.

Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot! I was afraid this would happen. A player of his caliber, for only half his salary, was just too good for other NHL teams to pass up.

Sigh. :(

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jones on recall waivers; Phantoms recall Teslak

According to THIS article on the Post-Star's Phantoms blog, the Flyers have put defenseman Randy Jones on recall waivers. If another team claims him, the Flyers will be responsible for half his salary for the remainder of his contract. Otherwise, he will be added to the Flyers roster.

Also, the Phantoms have recalled goaltender Michael-Lee Teslak from Elmira.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Phantoms Weekly Report (Week 5)

HERE is the link to the latest Phantoms Weekly Report on the Phantoms website.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Flyers recall Oskars Bartulis

According to THIS announcement on the Phantoms site, the Flyers have recalled defenseman Oskars Bartulis.

My first thought is to wonder if one of the three guys who have been rotating in the Flyers'7th D spot -- Ryan Parent, Danny Syvret, and Ole-Kristian Tollefsen -- will be making his way north.

If not, the Phantoms still have enough D on hand that there'll be a healthy scratch, even with Bartulis in the Flyers lineup.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Phantoms at Albany River Rats, 10-24-09, Postgame

HERE is the box score of this game from the AHL's site.

HERE and HERE are the posts from the Phantoms blog on the Post-Star site.

HERE is the game article from the Post-Star site.

HERE is the game recap from the Phantoms' site.

Here are the video links to the fights during the game:

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Phantoms at Albany River Rats, 10-24-09, Pregame

I can't live blog tonight's game, as I'll be away from the computer. Follow Tim McManus's Twitter feed for in-game updates.The link is on the right-hand sidebar.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Phantoms vs. Hartford Wolfpack, 10-23-09, Postgame

HERE is the link to the game box score on the AHL site.

HERE and HERE are the posts on the Phantoms blog on the Post-Star site.

HERE is the article about the game from the Post-Star.

HERE is the game recap from the Phantoms site.

And HERE is the Klotz-Soryal fight:

Phantoms vs. Hartford Wolfpack, 10-23-09, Third Period

I missed the first few minutes of the period, this time because Hubby's computer connection was acting up. I got back in time to see the Phantoms go shorthanded. Halfway through the PK, Backlund takes a puck off the mask but it stayed out (and play continued, so it's fortunate he's OK). We have killed the rest of the infraction. The score remains 3-2, Phantoms.

BACKLUND! What a stop! :) Great save! Make that TWO great saves, actually. NICE work by the backstop!

We spent a lot of the earlier part of the period in the Hartford end, but now the WolfPack seem to be getting their act together and they're finding ways to get some rushes going. BACKLUND! NICE glove save! Fortunately, we have been able to keep Hartford from getting lengthy stays in our end, but even in their brief visits to our zonoe, they've generated some dangerous opportunities in this period and Backlund has had to be alert.

Locke has drawn a penalty against Lehtivuori, so we're on the PK. OK, Phantoms, play for blood on this penalty kill, because we don't need to spot Hartford the tying goal. Matsumoto, Laliberte, Marshall, and Curry are out for us. We're back at even strength now, but Hartford keeps finding ways to duump it into our end and chase it. We need to match, or preferably exceed, the WolfPack's desperation.

3:05 left in the third now, and Matsumoto is out with Laliberte and -- whoa, wait, Mormina is hauled down and crashes into the Hartford net. A PP for the Phantoms will ensue. Lehtivuori and Curry are out with Matsumoto, Laliberte, and Maroon. We actually spent the latter half of that PP in our own zone, and the man advantage comes to an end.

Hartford is playing with more and more intensity as the game progresses, and now we're in the final minute of the game. Hartford has pulled their goaltender, and as Backlund freezes the puck, Hartford calls a T/O. The WolfPack will have an offensive-zone draw, so the two head coaches are plotting strategy with their respective teams. Kalinski and Matsumoto are out with Laliberte (two centers). Hartford has 5 forwards and one D. Matsy wins the draw and we clear the puck. Hartford dumps it back in deep and it's ICING, holy cow. 1.7 seconds remain, and the faceoff will be in the WolfPack end.

The puck drops, and the Phantoms win the game shortly thereafter, 3-2! The Phantoms are in first place in the East Division! NICE. Our next game is tomorrow night in Albany at 7 PM.

Phantoms vs. Hartford Wolfpack, 10-23-09, Second Period

While shorthanded, the Phantoms got multiple chances to score, including a breakaway situation where I can't believe the puck stayed out. Hartford's goaltender, Johnson, is penciled onto my "Star of the Game" list. The Wolfpack would be trailing by multiple goals by now if not for his heroics between the pipes.

Yet another breakaway at even strength and SCOOOORE! Matsumoto! Fantastic!

There's a giant scrum now behind Hartford's net, after someone shoved Ross and Ross shoved back. The Phantoms didn't take too kindly to seeing someone rough their Captain, and the WolfPack weren't too thrilled at seeing their teammate get mobbed. When the dust cleared, the Phantoms ended up shorthanded for two minutes.

Matsumoto makes a diving play to clear the puck. NICE! Now Legein has yet another SH breakaway, AAAH he hit the POST! That was this-close to being our first SH goal of the year! I am astonished at the number of shorthanded breakaways the Phantoms have gotten. Pleased, mind you, bu astonished. ;)

We're back to even strength now, just in time for the radio timeout. The faceoff will be to Johnson's right. We have 12 minutes remaining in the second period.

BACKLUND! OMG we nearly gave up the tying goal, but Backlund got it and our D pounced into the crease behind him, lest the puck slip behind him into the net. All's well that ends well, and we are still leading 2-1.

Kaspar gets tripped, though without the infraction he would have had a clean breakaway. So the Phantoms are back on the PP with Ross, Ward, Kolanos, Lehtivuori, and Mormina for our first shift. Ward is parked in the slot AAA SCRAMBLE AT THE CREASE and the dang net gets knocked off its moorings. Poo. We were generating nice pressure. OK, now it's Bourdon, Bartulis, Maroon, Laliberte, Matsumoto. SCOOOOOORE BARTULIS on the powerplay! 3-1 Phantoms!

Not long afterward, Bartulis has to go to box and feel shame for two minutes. It takes Hartford moments to score on the PP. Backlund stopped the initial shot, but Hartford got the rebound and slammed it in. 3-2, Good Guys.

That's twice we have given up PP goals... though I'm beyond pleased at the SH scoring chances we've gotten, I would rather see us not giving up goals when we're killing penalties.

Dagnab it! The puck hits the ref's skate, causing the Phantoms to go offside. Ratsin' Fratsin' Dratsin' Sufferin' Succotash. Ross would have had a nice chance. Well, we get the puck into the Hartford zone after the ensuing faceoff. We have about a minute left and the WolfPack's Locke takes a roughing penalty. The Phantoms are now going on the PECOOOOO POWERPLAY. :) But the period ends with the score still at 3-2 in favor of the Phantoms.

Phantoms vs. Hartford Wolfpack, 10-23-09, First Period

I barely had time to get set up for posting, before Laliberte drew first blood 1A:20 into the first period! SWEET! One by one, our top scorers from last season are getting their first goals in the past couple of games.

Brian Boucher has returned to the Flyers, and was their backup last night.

Stefan Legein, the newest Phantom, is on a line with Kalinski and Kaspar. Nodl is centering Klotz and Clackson.

Speaking of Klotz, he just had a heavyweight bout with a Hartford player whose name I'll have to look up. From the sound of it (I only have the audio going at the moment), he did well.

Clackson is going off for holding soon afterward. Hartford proceeds to score a PP goal. 1-1 on an east-west play that Backlund had no chance of stopping.

Now I have the video, and I'm just in time to see Hartford go on a PK of their own several minutes after their goal. The Phantoms are in the midst of a very active PP, but the puck seems to refuse to go in the net. On the other hand, moments after we returned to full strength, Hartford took a tripping penalty and we are going back on the PP. Hartford's goalie is putting on a clinic right now; he just STONED Jared Ross.

Hmmm. I detect a Revlon Special (makeup) penalty against the Phantoms, leaving us with 27 seconds of 4 on 4 hockey and then a Phantoms PK.

But here goes Kalinski with a SH rush. The Hartford defender dives to strip him of the puck, but Legein is the trailer and he picks up the now-loose puck and fires on net.

Soon after that, Kalinski takes the puck from out zone on a full-on SH breakaway. His shot goes wide. But he and Legein keep battling and get some more shorthanded shots. Ross is the next one to break out on the PK. We seem to be getting more scoring opportunities while shorthanded than Hartford is getting on their man advantage.

Boy, AHL Live must be overloaded with people taking advantage of the free games tonight, because the flipping video keeps stopping and starting. Time for me to resort to the audio again until the video unfreezes.

Aaaand I am able to reconnect a grand total of ONE second before the end of the period. The score is 1-1, and the Phantoms will be shorthanded, I didn't get to see why, when the second period begins.

Phantoms vs. Hartford Wolfpack, 10-23-09, Pregame

Both audio and video for tonight's Phantoms game are FREE! So if you're online and reading this, and the game is in progress, hurry and tune in!

THIS is the audio link.

THIS is the video link. You have to register in order to watch the game, but thre's no fee to watch the game tonight.

Enjoy! Go Phantoms!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Phantoms vs. Norfolk: Dec. 4 2009 at Wachovia Center

I *just* got the email. The Phantoms/Norfolk game on December 4 will be played at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Phantpms Weekly Report, Week 4

HERE is the Phantoms Weekly Report from the Phantoms website.

More on Stefan Legein

Let me tell you how much I love visiting :) Here's a link I just got from their discussion thread on the Ratchuk-for-Legein trade. LOL!

On a less facetious note, here's another Legein link gleaned from the same discussion thread:

Legein gets fresh start in Philly

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Flyers trade Mike Ratchuk to Columbus for Stefan Legein

According to THIS article, the Flyers have traded defenseman Michael Ratchuk to the Columbus Blue Jackets for right wing Stefan Legein.

This serves a dual purpose, IMO. It helps to ease the logjam we have on D; even when we dressed 7 D, we still had two healthy defensemen among the scratches. It also brings us a forward who currently has 3 points in 6 games. As our offense has gotten off to a slow start, this move could help us boost goal production.

I hate to see Ratchuk go, though. He's good people, and he has a ton of potential. I hope he thrives in the Blue Jackets organ-eye-zation.

Monday, October 19, 2009

"Final Stroll" at the Spectrum on October 24: open to the public and free of charge

There will be a Last Stroll at the Spectrum, open to the public and free of charge, on October 24 from 10 AM to 1 PM.

They'll be selling memorabilia there. No suprise.

They'll also be taking orders for Spectrum chairs. I have to see how to go about getting my season ticket seat. I sat there for over 10 years, so IMO they owe me and other former STHs first crack at our seats.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Phantoms @ Bridgeport Sound Tigers, 10-18-09, Postgame

HERE is the box score for the game from the AHL's site.

HERE is the article from the Post-Star site.

HERE is the coverage from the Post-Star's Phantoms blog.

HERE is the game recap from the Phantoms website.

And here is a fight between Matt Clackson and Joel Rechlicz, which I apparently missed during those first few minutes when I was trying to establish an internet connection:

Phantoms @ Bridgeport Sound Tigers, 10-18-09, Third Period

Nodl is on the bench, but he has not come out with either the third or the fourth lines. Not sure if that means he's in the Coach's Casa del Cane, or if he's gotten dented. We shall see. And right on cue, there goes Ross out with Clackson and Klotz.

Clackson is going off for slashing, however, so the next thing we'll see is the Phantoms' PK unit.

NICE stop by Boucher. The Phantoms have done well at closing down Bridgeport and limiting their opportunities, but the Sound Tigers just got a nice shot through and Boucher was equal to the task.

We're back to even strength, and we are starting to get some end-to-end play. We're not a team that's built for a river-hockey style, so I hope we can go back to just shutting down the opponent.

Whoops, there goes a delay-of-game penalty against Bartulis. I never did like that infraction. (See: my previous Phantoms blog, where I griped about its existence repeatedy.)

Phooey, and I have even less reason to like that penalty, as the Sound Tigers just scored to make it 3-2. Now all of a sudden Bridgeport and their fans are awake again, insead of just going through the motions. We have 6:25 left in the period, so it's time to buckle down and not let the Sound Tigers back in.

Eee, we get a scramble in front of our net with under two minutes left. The fans get loud, but the puck stays out. We end up icing the puck with 1:04 left, so the Sound Tigers pull their goalie for the faceoff in the Phantoms' end. They also take their timeout.

Ross is out to take the draw. Boooosh! We clear the puck, sending it out slowly enough to avoid another icing. Bridgeport has five forwards and one D out there. Another clear IS called icing, but it was close to not being icing and Gilbert is not pleased.

Yet another faceoff in our end, and this time we carry the puck out and SCOOOORE! Kolanos! 4-2 Phantoms with 19 seconds left!

And the Phantoms win! 4-2 is the final score! I can hear Ross being announced as a star of the game, and I can also hear Phantoms fans who are in attendance cheering. :) The stars are:

#3: MacDonald (BRI)
#2: Boucher
#1 Ross.

We got 5 out of a possible 6 points this weekend, and we have raised our record to 3-2-1-0. Well done, Phantoms!

Phantoms @ Bridgeport Sound Tigers, 10-18-09, Second Period

Early on, Ross tried to check someone only to find that the ref feels the puck was too far away. He gets whistled for interference. Coach Gilbert begs to differ, but the call stands.

So we do the PK thang with Matsumoto, Laliberte, Mormina, and Marshall.

Shortly after we return to full strength, Jason Ward gets banged up during a check. The trainer checked him out, but it appears he is staying on the bench. His shoulder or his arm appeared to be the issue at the time. Here's hoping it's nothing to be concerned about.

Beaulieu, Klotz, and Clackson are a line now that we are dressing 12 forwards. In the gaes when we have dressed 11 forwards, Klotz and Clackson have been combined with the centers from the other three lines.

Boucher is looking good, particularly given the fact that he hasn't played in weeks, nor in a Real Game since last season.

The Phantoms are about to get a PP, though for a few moments nobody knew who was headed to the sin bin. Both penalty box doors were opened at one point. But in any event, here we go on th man advantage. Ward, Kolanos, and Ross are out. So far we have given up two SH rushes, but we took the puck back and SCOOOORE Ward! Looks like his arm and shoulder are good, eh? That was his 100th career AHL goal. WTG! 3- Good Guys! Assists from Ross and Ratchuk. I Spy with my Little Eye a multi-point game for Ross. Nice!

Kalinski, Kaspar, and Nodl are the other forward line. And they are working hard to get the puck out of our end. Finally, they succeed and we can get a line change. Ross's line is buzzing the B'port net in a big way. I don't know how Lawson managed to freeze the puck, but if we hadn't, Ross was right there waiting for the rebound.

Now we're having another "is there a penalty?" moment. Long story less long, Joensuu goes to the box and the Phantoms get a PP. Bridgeport is doing a great job of clearing the puck out, and the Sound Tigers kill the penalty. At the end of the period, we had Beaulieu out with Kalinski and Kaspar, prompting the radio announcer to wonder if Nodl has been moved to the fourth line. We'll see what happens in the next frame, though, as the second period is now over.

The Phantoms lead 3-1. SOG are Phantoms 25, Sound Tigers 20.

Phantoms @ Bridgeport Sound Tigers, 10-18-09, First Period

I spent the first few minutes of the game having issues connecting. I got the game and the correct audio just in time to see Bridgeport score a PP goal. Brian Boucher is in goal for the Phantoms, as he's down for a conditioning stint.

Moments after the goal was scored, the Phantoms went on the PK again.

On the PK, we have Bartulis with a defenseman I can't see, Ross with Nodl.

Boucher is wearing #34.

Hey, the B'port arenavision, which is the source of the online video stream, is showing a family that was awarded a prize of orange Sound Tigers sweatshirts (and, if they're using a promotion similar to what we did in Philly, probably a seat upgrade as well). The shirts have just the team logo on them. If anybody's listening from the Adirondack front office, please make similar sweatshirts available for the Phantoms: just the logo, no words. I would happily buy one.

OK, back to the game after the radio timeout. We have Ratchuk with Bartulis as one of our D pairs. Last night, the Phantoms played six D for the first time, and Ratchuk was one of the scratches.

The Phantoms are about to get their first PP of the game. Bartulis, Ratchuk, Laliberte, Matsumoto, Maroon. SCOOOORE! Maroon ties it... we think. It could possibly have been Laliberte. So of course the announcement says.... MATSUMOTO from Bartulis and Laliberte. LOL. Nice to see Matsy get off the schneid with his first goal of the season. Hopefully, Ross will follow suit.

I would like to see the video stream get off the schneid, as it keeps freezing up. I want to see moving pictures, not a hockey slide show.

SCOOOOOORE! Ross! LOL, he heard me typing a couple paragraphs ago. :) Good for him! 2-1, Good Guys! Assists to Kolanos and Bourdon.

Boooosh! :) Nice stop!

Marshall/Mormina is an even strength D pair. Marshall's usual partner, Jones, is today's veteran scratch. Bartulis/Bourdon is another pair. So that leaves Curry/Ratchuk, as we have six D dressed today. Lines include Ross/Ward/Kolanos and Matsumoto/Laliberte/Maroon.

Aaaand Bourdon gets called for a trip when someone stepped on his stick. Bah. PK time. Ross/Kalinski with Marshall/Mormina. We did a god job of getting the puck out of our zone early on. And again, we clear. Now we have Nodl, (can't see who), Curry, and Bartulis. Matsumoto/Laliberte come out to replace the forwards after a stoppage in play. Oh, we get a scramble in front of our net, but we survive it with our lead intact. Bourdon exits the sin bin, marking the end of a solid penalty kill, and the horn sounds moments later to end the first period.

The Phantoms lead 2-1. SOG at the end of the period: Phantoms 12, Sound Tigers 12.

Boucher down for conditioning stint; the Phantoms play a game in Philly

Brian Boucher has been sent to the Phantoms for a conditioning stint. He last played during training camp, when he was injured during a game. He will start today's game in Bridgeport.

Speaking of which, unfortunately, we won't see former Phantom Scott Munroe today. The Sound Tigers are rotating three goalies, and today is not Muny's turn.

According to THIS ARTICLE, the Phantoms may play a game in the Wachovia Center in December.

Phantoms returning. The Phantoms will be back in Philadelphia for one game in December, the Flyers will announce tomorrow, according to a club source.

The Flyers' AHL affiliate will play at the Wachovia Center during a still-to-be determined date in December.

Comcast-Spectacor sold the Phantoms last spring. The team relocated to Glens Falls, N.Y., and was renamed the Adirondack Phantoms. They took a 2-2 record into last night.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Phantoms vs. Albany River Rats, 10-17-09, Postgame

Due to prior commitments, I was not able to view the game online. However, I had the audio stream on my cell phone, so that even in the midst of what I was doing, I could hear in the "background" that the Phantoms fell behind 1-0, remained trailing for most of the game, tied the score late, and lost in OT.

WOW, was the crowd noise loud when that tying goal went in. I expect to see that the game was a sellout, judging from the volume alone. Of course, the opponent was Albany, which is about 40 miles away, so I presume that at least some of the crowd was comprised of River Rats fans.

Both teams wore a special jersey which they'll don for games vs. one another all season long. They are competing for the Time Warner Cable Cup, which will go to the team that wins the 12-game Phantoms/River Rats series. Shades of the Keystone Cup that used to be given to the PA team that did the best (out of the Philadelphia Phantoms, Hershey Bears, and Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins).

HERE and HERE are the posts to the Phantoms Blog in the Post-Star.

HERE is the Phantoms article from the Post-Star.

HERE is the game recap from the Phantoms site.

HERE is the box score from the AHL site.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Phantoms vs. Hershey Bears, 10-16-09, Postgame

HERE is the Post-Star's coverage of the Phantoms/Bears game.

HERE and HERE are the game-related posts on the Post-Stars Phantoms blog.

HERE is the game recap on the Phantoms website.

HERE is the box score on the AHL's site. I see that the first star, deservedly, is Johan Backlund, with the other two stars going to the Phantoms goal scorers.

I can't say enough good things about how the Phantoms withstood Hershey's offensive pressure last night. In particular, the team stood tall when we were at a one-man disadvantage, both while killing penalties, and near the game's end when the Bears had the goalie pulled for the extra attacker. It started with the goaltender Backlund, which is only natural as a team's success starts with the goalie and moves outward from there. However, the rest of the team deserves to share credit for their good work, especially while playing outnumbered. Given the propensity that AHL referees have for calling a lot of infractions, keeping pucks out of the net while shorthanded is something that we, and all teams, have got to master. Last night's results show that we are capable of holding fast under those conditions.

On to our next game, at home vs. Albany tonight. We and the River Rats have special jerseys that will be worn for all the Adirondack/Albany contests this year, and those sweaters will debut tonight.


Phantoms vs. Hershey Bears, 10-16-2009, Third Period

We go on the PK early on. Ross, Nodl Marshall, Mormina are out. We get some scrambling going on in front, but Nodl blocks a shot and we get a nice clear soon afterward. Kalinski, Beaulieu, Bartulis, and Curry are out. Jiminy Cricket, the moment the penalty expires, Bartulis is getting sent off. SIGH. So we are immediately back killing a penalty. Matsumoto, Laliberte, Jones, and Marshall are out. Nice clear and we get a line change in. Nodl gets the puck and carries it all the way to the Bears end, killing more time. Bleeping heck, on the next rush into the Phantoms end, Beaulieu goes to clear the puck and his stick breaks. Fortunately, we manage to get the Bears to go offside so we are able to dodge that bullet.

The penalty ends, and Kane (former Phantoms captain) takes some whacks at the goalie after Backlund covers the puck. Ross takes some punches and we have a ten-player shoving match at the boards behind Backlund. No penalties are called.

After the faceoff, we head in to the Bears end and make life interesting for Neuvirth and company. SCOOOOORE KEVIN MARSHALL! His first pro goal! Someone saves the puck for him. :) Phantoms 2, Hershey 1! Marshall from Ross and I think he said Ward.

Another penalty is coming up against the Phantoms. The Bears are going on their 5th PP, as opposed to the Phantoms' only having one man advantage. Jones sits. I hate when we lose our PKers to penalties. Kalinski, Beauleau, Bartulis, and Curry. Lots of congestion in front of our crease for a bit, but it doesn't come back to bite us. BACKLUND with a great pair of saves! Egad. Faceoff with 26 seconds left in the PK. Ross gets hauled down on a rush out of our zone, NO CALL. For gosh sakes! We live to kill the penalty, at any rate. 7 minutes and change are remaining in the third period. SAVE Backlund! He freezes it, and we keep having trouble getting the darn puck out of our end once we have the defensive zone draw. Oh, here we go, they must have heard me typing, because we finally get the heck into the Bears end.

But Hershey keeps tilting the ice down toward Backlund. They want to even the score and they're turning up the heat a lot. At last, we get back to Hershey's end, only to go offside and trigger a media timeout. Everyone gets a breather as the radio stations do their thing.

Just under 5 minutes remaining. Every time we get the puck out, Hershey winds up with the disk and they bring it right back to our end. Aggravating. Now we've iced it. We need to win this draw. Kalinski doesn't quite get it, but Backlund makes TWO phenomenal saves, point-blank and back to back. Highlight-reel material!

Oh, HOW is THAT icing vs. the Phantoms? For goodness sakes. Maroon was RIGHT there, and the bench and the fans vigorously disagree that the Bears reached the puck first. Ratsin' Fratsin' doggone icing. Back to our end we go. Again.

Now Ross and his line are getting the puck out, but we just can't seem to maintain possession in the Hershey end once we get there. This issue is cropping up no matter which line we have on the ice right now. 1:50 left in the game and we get a 3 on 1. Dang it, no dice. An insurance goal would have ben nice. Back to our end and Matsumoto blocks a shot. Then we get some chaos in our end and the bears pull the goalie. Come on, guys, 30 seconds left. YOu can do this! Oh, THANK GOODNESS. Boy, that was a hairy ending to the game, but the Phantoms hang on to pull off the win.

Looks like the SOG were tweaked for Hershey in the second period, as now the box score says the shots at the end of the second frame were Hershey 17, Phantoms 12. But we're still waiting to see the final shot tally, as well as the stars of the game. I think Backlund should be a star, for sure, because some of his saves as the game progressed definitely kept us in this game. Absolutely no doubt about it.

The Phantoms now have improved their record to 2-2. This game is a superb win, considering that we held on and prevented one of the best teams in the league, not to mention the Calder Cup champion team, from coming back to tie the game. Hershey threw everything but the proverbial kitchen sink at our net, and they were unable to get the equalizer. We can take a LOT of good things away from this victory.

But we can't revel in it too long, as we have our new regional rivals in town tomorrow night: the Albany River Rats will be in the GFCC.

The final SOG total was just announced during the postgame show: Hershey 27, Phantoms 15. Good job, Phantoms! Now exterminate some Rats tomorrow night!

Phantoms vs. Hershey Bears, 10-16-2009, Second Period

The first penalty of the night is about to be awarded to Hershey. Beagle will sit. Our first unit is Jones, Ratchuk, Matsumoto (who is planted at the crease and has gotten a couple nice chances), Laliberte, and Maroon. MAROOOOON scores and spoils the Bears' perfect PP record for the season! NICE.

The next line is Ross, Klotz, and Clackson. Jones and Ratchuk are on D. (I haven't heard the assists announced yet on the goal, btw.) Sugden gets into Jones's face, but he doesn't take the bait. Klotz and Clackson are on the ice at the time, but the little dispute didn't turn into dropped equipment or fisticuffs.

Matsumoto, Maroon, and Laliberte are out again, this time with Curry and another defenseman I can't see. We have seven D dressed again, BTW. We have done that for every game wso far this season. I figured as much when I saw Ross out with Klotz/Clackson, as Ross also has a different pair of regular linemates.

QAssists on the goal went to Matsumoto and Jones. It was just announced.

Oh, come on, Kalinski gets hauled down and no call, and then a moment later Kaspar gets a call? Dang it. Well, the game has not been a whistle-fest so far, so I won't gripe much. Anyway, we are going on our first PK of the night. Matsumoto, Laliberte, Mormina, and Curry are out. Curry blocks a shot. (Boy, that's one thing I miss typing... we got a ton and a half of blocked shots last season, courtesy of Nate Guenin, but he's no longer on the team.) Now we have Kaliski, Ross, Jones, Marshall (who makes a nice clear).

We are at even strength again, and though Backlund coughed up the puck, he also made a nice stop and froze the puck. He'd had a bit of trouble playing the puck behind the net (and cancelling out a Hershey icing in the process).

Ross, Nodl, and Ward are a line tonight. Oops, lol, a Bear kind of ran over a linesman in the Phantoms' end. The fans, of course, approve. ;)

NICE save by Backlund on a breakaway by Bouchard. Just great. Hearty cheers ensue from the stands. :) But I would like to see us get rid of the Bears now, as they're spending a bit more time in our end than I'd like. Oh, there we go, Ross's line is out and we're going out to try and give Neuvirth an interesting night.

The Phantoms are getting ready to go on the PK again, but surprisingly, Ciamaga didn't stop play the first time the Phantoms got possession of the puck. Neuvirth then had time to head to the bench for the extra attacker. In any event, Curry goes for slashing a Bear's stick. Ross/Nodl are our PK forwards, and Nodl gets tripped. No call. This is quite the departure from the officiating style that was in effect the last time we had a combination of Ciamaga, Phantoms, and Bears.

The penalty ends, and we wind up with a giant shoving match in front of the Hershey net. We have some guys in the sin bin, but we seem to be 4 on 4. Drat. Beagle scores to tie the game. 1-1. We're still 4 on 4. We get a really nice bit of pressure going toward the end of the period. Too bad that Hershey was saved by the buzzer, as the period ended. We returned to full strength just before the end of the period. The score is 1-1. SOG: Hershey 15, Phantoms 12.

Phantoms vs. Hershey Bears, 10-16-2009, Pregame and First Period

I tuned in a bit late, as I had some difficulty getting connected. However, so far the first period is scoreless with 3:23 remaining in the first period. Then, once I did get online, I spent the first few minutes battling with video feed that repeatedly froze and buffered.

In any event, not only is the period scoreless, it appears to be penalty-free as well. That surprised me, as the official in question has also had games where he has called every miniscule thing. (See: the Phantoms/Bears elimination game in Round 1 last spring. He reffed that game, as well.)

The first period is now over, and from what I could see of it once the video revived, tbe action was well-balanced and the goalies put on a nice show. The score is currently 0-0, and no infractions have been called yet. SOG are even at 6-6.

The scratches are Dingle, Kolanos, Bellamy, Lehtivuori, Stephenson. (So both veterans who recently were absent from the lineup due to births in their respective families have returned to the lineup.)

The starters were Jones, Bourdon, Kaspar, Kalinski, Beaulieu, Backlund.

HERE is the link to tonight's box score on the AHL site.

HERE is Tim McManus's blog entry, which is being updated during the game, from the Post-Star's site.

Thursday, October 15, 2009 Interviews Phantoms beat writer, Tim McManus

Here's a nice interview with the Phantoms' beat writer, Tim McManus, courtesy of

Not only is it a nice interview, but now I have a new steak sandwich place to try. I know just the shop he's talking about, too -- it's across from the IHOP on Snyder Avenue. And I'm hungry. :D

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Phantoms Weekly Report (Week 3)

CLICK HERE to read the current Phantoms Weekly Report, for Week 3, on the Phantoms website.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Day!

I can't help but notice the number of hits this site gets from Canadian ISPs. Thanks for that!

Happy Thanksgiving Day to those who are celebrating in Canada today! :-)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Phantoms @ Syracuse Crunch, 10-10-2009, Postgame

Unfortunately, my attempt to listen to the online stream was an abject failure, as I couldn't get the darn stream to cooperate until halfway through the third period.

However, as the final score was Syracuse 6, Phantoms 1, it doesn't take a Sherlock Holmes to infer that the Phantoms had a rough go of it tonight. Ouch.

For more information:

HERE is the box score on the AHL site.

HERE is the game blog on the Post-Star site.

HERE is game article on the Post-Star site.

HERE is the coverage of the game from

HERE is the game recap on the Phantoms website.

And here are some YouTube videos of Matt Clackson's two fights:

Phantoms at Syracuse Crunch, 10-10-2009, Pregame

I won't be able to live blog the Phantoms game tonight, as I will be attending the Flyers game.

However, the Phantoms' beat writer, Tim McManus, will be posting updates HERE on Twitter, so that's one way to keep updated via the internet. You can also keep tabs on his Phantoms blog on the Post-Star site.

Another way, besides visiting AHL Live for the radio cybercast (free) or the video webcast (fee), is to go directly to the WNYQ 101.7 FM radio stream, which is HERE. NOTE: Unlike AHL Live's site, the WNYQ link actually works on Windows Mobile cell phones. So if you have a WinMo device with a mobile internet connection, and are interested in listening to the game, now you have a solution if you're outside the broadcast area of WNYQ.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Phantoms vs. Springfield Falcons, 10-09-2009, Postgame

Here is the link to this game's box score on the AHL's site.

Here is the game recap from the Phantoms website.

Here's the game article from the Post-Star.

Here is the postgame writeup for the game on the Post-Star's Phantoms blog.

Phantoms vs. Springfield Falcons, 10-09-2009, Third Period

Oh, come on, video. BEHAVE. Even during the intermission, the video was alternating between normal action and a "slideshow" of still pictures. Well, I don't care about seeing the Zambonis shown as a slideshow instead of moving pictures, but I care plenty about seeing the GAME.

Now we are 4 on 4 for the next two minutes, as Maroon got hauled down but was also called for a dive. Boy, the ref sure did wake up after the first period, calling a ton of stuff.

Oops, the Falcons goalie took a hard shot off the mask and he's a little stunned. The trainer came out to check on him, but fortunately, he seems to be all right after a few moments to clear out the stars, planets, and tweety birds.

Ross gets dragged down NO FLIPPING CALL. Oh, for crying out loud. Brown has called everything and its brother since the second period began, and THIS call he lets go? For goodness sakes. Anyway, we are just getting back to 5 on 5 now. KALINSKI!!!! SCORE! Just as Maroon exited the box, the Phantoms rush the puck and Kalinski buries it. Beautiful! 3-2, Phantoms! :)

Kalinski is actually getting patched up on the bench. He might have gotten dinged durng the goal celebration. Good grief. That would be a first, in my experience. Kolanos assisted on the goal, BTW.

But the energy has swung in the Phantoms' favor, as we are swarming the heck out of Springfield's net.

Arsene scooches his way into an interference penalty, as he knocks Ross down. Matsumoto, Maroon, Laliberte, Ross, Ratchuk are out on the first PP shift. Next up, Nodl, Ross, Kolanos, OOOO, close call, a wrap around the glass pings off one of the metal bars holding the panes of glass. Dubnyk, the goalie, was out of his net anticipating stopping the wraparound, and he had to get back to stop the puck. Had that play gone pear-shaped for Springfield, it would have been one seriously fluky Phantoms tally. But as it is, we're still at 3-2.

We're back to even strength now, and we have approximately 12 minutes left in the third period.

Aaaaand we have a long delayed-penalty sequence against the Phantoms. Jones goes for high-sticking. T/O, Falcons. Nodl, Ross, Curry, Bartulis for the first PK shift. Beaulieu, ? Marshall, Mormina, and Beaulieu does a nice job of poking the puck out of harm's way. Just as we return to even strength, LALIBERTE steals the puck and he and Maroon break in on goal. Dubnyk stops the shot, and finally our extremely worn-out D pair can get off the ice.

6:59 left in the third period, still 3-2 Phantoms. Peckham looked like he wanted to start something with Clackson, but a linesman intervened. Mormina and Bourdon with the Matsumoto line are out, and Peckham charges Maroon so the Phantoms are going back on the PECOOOO POWERPLAY.

During the first half of our man advantage, we registered our 40th SOG of the game. Wow. Peckham comes out of the box in time to get the puck and take a shot, which Backlund stops. Now Kaspar and Beaulieu take it the other way for a 2-on-1, SCOOOORE BEAULIEU! 4-2 Phantoms! Kaspar with the assist!

We have spent a LOT of time in front of Dubnyk. He really has kept the Falcons in this game.

Oh, and remember when I mentioned that Potulny is a good player? Well, with 2:11 left, Potsy makes it 4-3. Good thing for Beaulieu's tally a few moments ago. Holy moley,

OK, Phantoms, get the momentum back and keep Springfield away from our net. Dubnyk wants to head to the bench, and in fact there he goes. Empty net for Springfield. Minard (Falcons) is about to go to the sin bin, owever, taking a hooking call in the offensive zone. Here comes the goalie back out, as the faceoff will be back in the Springfield end. Less than a minute to go. Dubnyk is gone again, Laliberte heads to the net with the puck but his shot is blocked.

17.1 seconds left, and Springfield goes offside so the faceoff is in our neutral zone. AH, there we go, the time is up and the Phantoms hang on to win 3-2.

Stars of the game:

3: Potulny (Spr)
2: Kalinski
1: Nodl

SOG at the end of the game: Springfield 29, Phantoms 43

Phantoms vs. Springfield Falcons, 10-09-2009, Second Period

The Phantoms begin the period with 13 seconds of PK remaining.

Speaking of scooches who were Bears last year, there goes Dean Arsene. At least our returning players will have a good idea of how Arsene and Brennan play, considering that we played against Hershey about eight bazillion times a year.

Anyway, back we go to even strength. Curry/Bartulis is one of the D pairs I couldn't quite pick out earlier.

In the first couple of minutes of the period, we have gotten five SOG and allowed none, so we have nearly caught up in shots (14-12). And of course, juat as I type that, Laliberte goes off for slashing a Falcon's stick, so it appears we will be giving up some shots as we kill a penalty.

The Falcons take a penalty with 14 seconds left in their PP, and you know, I don't think we have given up a shot yet in this period sfter all. There we go, Laliberte is out of the box. so now it's a Phantoms PP. We had a lot of activity on this PP, but not a whole lot of SOG.

Even strength again, and Matsumoto gets a nice end-to-end rush. With 7 minutes gone in the period, the Phantoms have outshot the Falcons 10-0 in the period. Wow. Nice.

Ah, Ryan Potulny is on the Falcons, too. Now there's a Phantoms alumnus I always liked. Nice guy, good player.

Brennan hooks Matsumoto and here comes another PP. Ratchuk and Jones appear to be our primary PP D pair. Laliberte, Matsumoto, and Maroon are our forwards. Boy, we cycle A LOT on PPs. Some of the fans are getting restless and wanting our guys to shoot, but that's not always an option as the Falcons are doing a good job of clogging the path between the puck and the net. On the other hand, we also have gotten some NICE shots in this man advantage, so when we get it on net, we do it well.

Here we go with a 5 on 3 for 35 seconds, Ross, Maroon, and Kolanos with Ratchuk and Bartulis. Potulny and Brennan are blocking shots like mad. Finally, a Falcon breaks out shorthanded, and Ratchuk stays with him all the way. He never winds up getting a shot off. Nice D.

Aah, after we return to even strength, we get a penalty of our own. As the announcer has said several times, we have done "everything but score". The Phantoms now have 13 shots to SPringfield's 0 in this period, as our PK begins.

Oh, !*&@^#*!@&#^. Springfield puts in a PP goal. Nuts. We have done so well in this period, and we wind up trailing.

Oh, dear, make that 2-0 with a shot from the right faceoff circle. Ouch, that's not pleasant, seeing these guys bust their tails and dominate all period long and now within a minute we fall behind by a pair. Crud.

And to add to the agita, Matsumoto promptly goes off for holding. I hate it when our top PKers are the ones in the sin bin. ROSS with Beaulieu rush shorthanded, ut the shot misses the net. Beans. Mormina squashes someone in the corner behind our net. Another SH rush, this time for Kalinski. He buys us time for a line change by hanging onto the puck in the Falcons end. NODL BREAKAWAY which results in a penalty shot! Come on, Noodle, put it in! SCOOORE, what a beauty of a shot! :) 2-1 Springfield and the fans are going bananas. Sweet!

Matsumoto attacks the net, gets hauled down, and the Phantoms are going back on the PP. Man, this period has been Penalty City. But we really need to keep this momentum going that Nodl regained for us.

Oh, the picture is freezing up, GRRRRRR

but SCOOOORE, Bartulis ties it! NICE! Not that I can SEE any of the proceedings, but at least I can hear them. Ah, here we go, the video lives with under a minute to go in the period. WHEW. Relief. We get out of the second period tied 2-2.

SOG at the end of the second period: Springfield 23, Phantoms 28.

Phantoms vs. Springfield Falcons, 10-09-2009, First Period

According to the Twitter feed of Tim McManus, the Phantoms' beat writer, the scratches for tonight's game are Jason Ward, Joonas Lehtivuori, Ryan Dingle, Rob Bellamy, Logan Stephenson.

The Phantoms have an early PP in the game. Makes me want to holler, "The Phantoms are now going on the PECOOOOO POWERPLAY!!!"

Mastumoto, Laliberte, Maroon, Jones, and Ratchuk are the first PP unit. Laliberte seems to be taking his place in the middle of the Falcons' four-man box. This five-man group spent the entire PP in front of the Springfield net.

Marshall buries a Falcon at the Adk half-boards, to the cheers of the fans. He is out with Jones on D. Ross, Nodl, and Kaspar are the forwards who are out.

Bourdon/Mormina is another D pair. Kalinski is out with Clackson and Klotz. Oh, and here comes a PK, as Clackson gets two minutes for holding.

Matsumoto, Laliberte, Curry, and I can't see the other defenseman are out on the first PK unit. Backlund, in his first atart of the season for the Phantoms, makes a couple of really nice stops.

Now it's Mormina, Kalinski, Beaulieu, and again, I can't see the other D. Nice PK, guys. We're back to even strength and the score remains 0-0.

Jones/Marshall are out again. It appears that Jones is paired with both Marshall and Ratchuk, which was also the case last Saturday. It appears that we have 7 D dressed again tonight (Mormina, Marshall, Bourdon, Jones, Bartulis, Ratchuk, Curry).

In the absence of Ward, Jared Ross's linemates are Lucas Kaspar an Andreas Nodl. Maroon, Laliberte, and Matsumoto are a line combination that was together last Saturday. Dingle is out, Beaulieu and Kolanos are in, so it's now Kalinski, Kolanos, and Beauleau. And as we have 7 D dressed, our remaining two forwards are Clackson and Klotz, who like last Saturday will be combined with a center from one of the other lines.

Backlund makes a nice save late, and Jones is right there to take the rebound out of harm's way. Heh, Ross (vertically-challenged) just buried Peckham (vertically gifted).

Oh, wait, Kip Brennan (ex-Bear) is on Springfield? Sheesh. He's a scooch. He got into the face of one of our guys, and Randy Jones responded by getting in HIS face. The end result is a late PK with 1:47 left in the period. Marshall goes off for slashing.

We end the period with the score at 0-0, and we will have 13 seconds remaining of PK at the start of the second period.

SOG: Phantoms 7, Falcons 14.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Duchesne is assigned to Kalamazoo, Phantoms Weekly Report

According to the Phantoms official website, Jeremy Duchesne has been assigned to Kalamazoo.

Also, the Phantoms Weekly Report for Week 2 is now available on the Phantoms site.

Roster moves, Nic Riopel article, Weekly Live Chat on Post-Star site

Johan Backlund and Marc-Andre Bourdon have been returned to the Phantoms. And even though the Phantoms have an ECHL affiliate in Kalamazoo and an IHL affiliate in Quad Cities, we have assigned Michael Teslak to the Elmira Jackals of the ECHL.

According to the Post-Star's Phantoms blog site, Jason Ward has missed the last couple of days' practices because his wife had a baby. :) Congratulations to the Ward family! Also, Rob Bellamy, who suffered an ankle injury during training camp, is skating again.

There is a nice article on goaltender Nic Riopel in today's Post-Star.

And at 8 PM tonight, there will be another weekly Phantoms Live Chat. Go to the Post-Star's main hockey page for a link, approximately 15 minutes prior to the chat.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Worcester 3 @ Phantoms 2: 10-03-2009

Sxratches: Teslak, Bellamy, Beaulieu, Kolanos, Stephenson.

Ross, Ward, Kaspar
Matsumoto, Laliberte, and Maroon
Nodl, Kalinski, and Dingle
Ross/Matsumoto, Klotz, Clackson

We dressed 7 D last night. Pairs included:

Lehtivuori, Mormina
Jones, Ratchuk
Curry, Bartulis
Marshall, Mormina

Worcester scored on their 4th shot on goal, before the Phantoms got their first SOG.

Aaa, we came this-close to tying the score! Laliberte's shot lands in crease, Matsumoto goes after it, Worcester knocks the net off its moorings deliberately, and there's NO penalty shot or delay of game called. Unreal! Incidentally, you will find people in the crowd who swear Matsumoto put the puck in the net before it got jarred loose. [insert expletives here]

Of course, seconds later, Koharski calls Laliberte for a cross check. During the ensuing PK, he misses 2 blatant calls against Worcester.

We killed the penalty, then went on the PP w/6:16 left. SOG at the time of the PP: P4,W7

Jones, Ratchuk, Kaspar, Ward, Ross
Matsumoto, Laliberte, Maroon, Curry, Lehtivuori

SOG @ end of PP: P6 W7

Curry, Matsumoto are wearing the As. Ross has the C.

SOG @ end of 1st: P8 W12.

Mormina makes a nice D play when Ratchuk falls while rushing puck.

Laliberte, Matsumoto, Marshall, Bartulis
Mormina, Bartulis, Kalinski, Nodl
Kalinski gets in a nice SH rush. He draws a penalty in the process, giving us 1:04 of 4 on 4.

Jones and Ross were on the polntz, with Ratchuk pinching during the 4 on 4. Jones and Ross also came back on D when Worcester broke out, with Ross making a sliding dive to block a shot on goal when the Sharks reached our net.

SCOOORE!!! Nodl (Kalinski) ties the game!

Kalinski has been rushing the puck nicely tonight, including on the play than led to the goal.

There's a big scrum behind the Sharks net. The penalties from the fracas even out. Klotz goes off for repairs.

PP w/3:56 left in pd. SOG P15, W18.
SOG @ end of PP: P 18 W 18.

SOG @ end of 2nd: P 19 W 19.

MAROOOON scores one than squeaks through the goalie! Maroon(Lalibertea), and we lead 2-1!

NICE save, Riopel! ... And again!

PP: SOG P21, W23.

Matsumoto, Laliberte, Maroon, Bartulis, Curry
Ross, Ward, Kaspar, Ratchuk, Jones
Aaa! Ward came SO close to scoring!
Ratchuk draws a penalty: 5-on-3 for 23 secs
Laliberte, Maroon, Masumoto, Ratchuk, Jones
YIII, the Phantoms get a few more very near misses! So close to scoring, and yet so far.

SOG @ end of PP P25, W23

Boo. Lies, Matsumoto was sent off.

Holy cow, Nodl| runs into the Sharks' goalie @ the boards; no call. Surprise!

Poop. 9 secs left in PK & fargin Worcester ties it. :P


Attendance: 5411.

Matsumoto's break on net draws penalty. PP @ 3:56 left.
SOG P27 W28
22 2717 18 6
11 10 16 26 7
SOG @ end of PP: P29 W28

Lies, 37 wuz framed! PK coming. Worcester T/O.

NUTS. 11.3 secs left in the third period and freaking Worcester scores. 3-2 bad guys. :P

Goalie pulled. Scrum in W slot w/5.2 secs-left. Time runs out.
SOG @ END: P30, W29

3. W #32
2. Maroon
1. W #44

Overall, I think we came out a bit ragged to start the game. Maybe it was nerves from having a home opener in a brand new building.

However, our second period was as solid as it gets. If we make a habit of playing like that, we will come out of a lot of games as the victors.

We ran into some more issues in the third. In particular, giving up two PP goals in a period is not what we want to do. Moreover, giving up PP *chances* late in the game is living dangerously, as we found out in the final seconds of regulation. That's a pitfall we'll do well to avoid.

Time to regroup and get ourselves together for the next home game. By then, it's possible that we will have Bourdon and Backlund back from the Flyers. We'll see.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Phantoms Home Opener: the writeup will be posted on Sunday

There's a bit of an issue with the hotel wifi, so I will post the game writeup for the Phantoms Home Opener on Sunday.

I am extremely pleased with the number of Philly fans I saw at the game. My only disappointment on that score is that Glens Falls is too far away for us to make this kind of showing at every game.

We came oh-so-close to getting at least a point out of this contest, but it wasn't meant to be. With 11 seconds and change left, Worcester scored a tie-breaking PP goal and won, 3-2.

I'm now going to go keel over. It's been a long day. Good night!


Nic Riopel at the start of Period 2.

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Phantoms Block Party

Adirondack Youth Hockey is having a shootout at the Phantoms inflatable.

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Phantoms Opening Night Roster, Standing Room Only

There are several reports online, including THIS ONE, that the Phantoms are now selling Standing Room Only tickets for the home opener.

Also, a different post from the same blog lists the Phantoms Opening Night roster as follows:

Forwards: David Laliberte, Jon Matsumoto, Garrett Klotz, Andreas Nodl, Matt Clackson, Patrick Maroon, Jason Ward, Jared Ross, Ryan Dingle, Josh Beaulieu, Lukas Kaspar, Rob Bellamy, Krys Kolanos and Jonathon Kalinski.

Defensemen: Joonas Lehtivuori, Joey Mormina, Kevin Marshall, Randy Jones, Oskars Bartulis, Michael Ratchuk, Sean Curry and Logan Stephenson.

Goaltenders: Mike Teslak, Jeremy Duchesne and Nic Riopel.

Johan Backlund and Marc-Andre Bourdon are called up to the Flyers. Michael-Lee Teslak was recalled earlier in the week, when Backlund got sick, but he has since been returned to the Phantoms.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

More Phantoms roster tweaks

The Flyers have recalled defenseman Marc-Andre Bourdon, in light of an injury to Ole-Kristian Tollefsen. They have also recalled goalie Michael Teslak. The Flyers are starting their season on the road this weekend, and Bourdon and Teslak will be the 7th defenseman and 3rd goaltender, respectively.

The Phantoms have also sent defenseman David Sloane to their ECHL affiliate in Kalamazoo, and have cut forward Tomas Sinisalo.