Friday, October 23, 2009

Phantoms vs. Hartford Wolfpack, 10-23-09, Second Period

While shorthanded, the Phantoms got multiple chances to score, including a breakaway situation where I can't believe the puck stayed out. Hartford's goaltender, Johnson, is penciled onto my "Star of the Game" list. The Wolfpack would be trailing by multiple goals by now if not for his heroics between the pipes.

Yet another breakaway at even strength and SCOOOORE! Matsumoto! Fantastic!

There's a giant scrum now behind Hartford's net, after someone shoved Ross and Ross shoved back. The Phantoms didn't take too kindly to seeing someone rough their Captain, and the WolfPack weren't too thrilled at seeing their teammate get mobbed. When the dust cleared, the Phantoms ended up shorthanded for two minutes.

Matsumoto makes a diving play to clear the puck. NICE! Now Legein has yet another SH breakaway, AAAH he hit the POST! That was this-close to being our first SH goal of the year! I am astonished at the number of shorthanded breakaways the Phantoms have gotten. Pleased, mind you, bu astonished. ;)

We're back to even strength now, just in time for the radio timeout. The faceoff will be to Johnson's right. We have 12 minutes remaining in the second period.

BACKLUND! OMG we nearly gave up the tying goal, but Backlund got it and our D pounced into the crease behind him, lest the puck slip behind him into the net. All's well that ends well, and we are still leading 2-1.

Kaspar gets tripped, though without the infraction he would have had a clean breakaway. So the Phantoms are back on the PP with Ross, Ward, Kolanos, Lehtivuori, and Mormina for our first shift. Ward is parked in the slot AAA SCRAMBLE AT THE CREASE and the dang net gets knocked off its moorings. Poo. We were generating nice pressure. OK, now it's Bourdon, Bartulis, Maroon, Laliberte, Matsumoto. SCOOOOOORE BARTULIS on the powerplay! 3-1 Phantoms!

Not long afterward, Bartulis has to go to box and feel shame for two minutes. It takes Hartford moments to score on the PP. Backlund stopped the initial shot, but Hartford got the rebound and slammed it in. 3-2, Good Guys.

That's twice we have given up PP goals... though I'm beyond pleased at the SH scoring chances we've gotten, I would rather see us not giving up goals when we're killing penalties.

Dagnab it! The puck hits the ref's skate, causing the Phantoms to go offside. Ratsin' Fratsin' Dratsin' Sufferin' Succotash. Ross would have had a nice chance. Well, we get the puck into the Hartford zone after the ensuing faceoff. We have about a minute left and the WolfPack's Locke takes a roughing penalty. The Phantoms are now going on the PECOOOOO POWERPLAY. :) But the period ends with the score still at 3-2 in favor of the Phantoms.

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