Sunday, October 4, 2009

Worcester 3 @ Phantoms 2: 10-03-2009

Sxratches: Teslak, Bellamy, Beaulieu, Kolanos, Stephenson.

Ross, Ward, Kaspar
Matsumoto, Laliberte, and Maroon
Nodl, Kalinski, and Dingle
Ross/Matsumoto, Klotz, Clackson

We dressed 7 D last night. Pairs included:

Lehtivuori, Mormina
Jones, Ratchuk
Curry, Bartulis
Marshall, Mormina

Worcester scored on their 4th shot on goal, before the Phantoms got their first SOG.

Aaa, we came this-close to tying the score! Laliberte's shot lands in crease, Matsumoto goes after it, Worcester knocks the net off its moorings deliberately, and there's NO penalty shot or delay of game called. Unreal! Incidentally, you will find people in the crowd who swear Matsumoto put the puck in the net before it got jarred loose. [insert expletives here]

Of course, seconds later, Koharski calls Laliberte for a cross check. During the ensuing PK, he misses 2 blatant calls against Worcester.

We killed the penalty, then went on the PP w/6:16 left. SOG at the time of the PP: P4,W7

Jones, Ratchuk, Kaspar, Ward, Ross
Matsumoto, Laliberte, Maroon, Curry, Lehtivuori

SOG @ end of PP: P6 W7

Curry, Matsumoto are wearing the As. Ross has the C.

SOG @ end of 1st: P8 W12.

Mormina makes a nice D play when Ratchuk falls while rushing puck.

Laliberte, Matsumoto, Marshall, Bartulis
Mormina, Bartulis, Kalinski, Nodl
Kalinski gets in a nice SH rush. He draws a penalty in the process, giving us 1:04 of 4 on 4.

Jones and Ross were on the polntz, with Ratchuk pinching during the 4 on 4. Jones and Ross also came back on D when Worcester broke out, with Ross making a sliding dive to block a shot on goal when the Sharks reached our net.

SCOOORE!!! Nodl (Kalinski) ties the game!

Kalinski has been rushing the puck nicely tonight, including on the play than led to the goal.

There's a big scrum behind the Sharks net. The penalties from the fracas even out. Klotz goes off for repairs.

PP w/3:56 left in pd. SOG P15, W18.
SOG @ end of PP: P 18 W 18.

SOG @ end of 2nd: P 19 W 19.

MAROOOON scores one than squeaks through the goalie! Maroon(Lalibertea), and we lead 2-1!

NICE save, Riopel! ... And again!

PP: SOG P21, W23.

Matsumoto, Laliberte, Maroon, Bartulis, Curry
Ross, Ward, Kaspar, Ratchuk, Jones
Aaa! Ward came SO close to scoring!
Ratchuk draws a penalty: 5-on-3 for 23 secs
Laliberte, Maroon, Masumoto, Ratchuk, Jones
YIII, the Phantoms get a few more very near misses! So close to scoring, and yet so far.

SOG @ end of PP P25, W23

Boo. Lies, Matsumoto was sent off.

Holy cow, Nodl| runs into the Sharks' goalie @ the boards; no call. Surprise!

Poop. 9 secs left in PK & fargin Worcester ties it. :P


Attendance: 5411.

Matsumoto's break on net draws penalty. PP @ 3:56 left.
SOG P27 W28
22 2717 18 6
11 10 16 26 7
SOG @ end of PP: P29 W28

Lies, 37 wuz framed! PK coming. Worcester T/O.

NUTS. 11.3 secs left in the third period and freaking Worcester scores. 3-2 bad guys. :P

Goalie pulled. Scrum in W slot w/5.2 secs-left. Time runs out.
SOG @ END: P30, W29

3. W #32
2. Maroon
1. W #44

Overall, I think we came out a bit ragged to start the game. Maybe it was nerves from having a home opener in a brand new building.

However, our second period was as solid as it gets. If we make a habit of playing like that, we will come out of a lot of games as the victors.

We ran into some more issues in the third. In particular, giving up two PP goals in a period is not what we want to do. Moreover, giving up PP *chances* late in the game is living dangerously, as we found out in the final seconds of regulation. That's a pitfall we'll do well to avoid.

Time to regroup and get ourselves together for the next home game. By then, it's possible that we will have Bourdon and Backlund back from the Flyers. We'll see.

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