Friday, October 9, 2009

Phantoms vs. Springfield Falcons, 10-09-2009, Third Period

Oh, come on, video. BEHAVE. Even during the intermission, the video was alternating between normal action and a "slideshow" of still pictures. Well, I don't care about seeing the Zambonis shown as a slideshow instead of moving pictures, but I care plenty about seeing the GAME.

Now we are 4 on 4 for the next two minutes, as Maroon got hauled down but was also called for a dive. Boy, the ref sure did wake up after the first period, calling a ton of stuff.

Oops, the Falcons goalie took a hard shot off the mask and he's a little stunned. The trainer came out to check on him, but fortunately, he seems to be all right after a few moments to clear out the stars, planets, and tweety birds.

Ross gets dragged down NO FLIPPING CALL. Oh, for crying out loud. Brown has called everything and its brother since the second period began, and THIS call he lets go? For goodness sakes. Anyway, we are just getting back to 5 on 5 now. KALINSKI!!!! SCORE! Just as Maroon exited the box, the Phantoms rush the puck and Kalinski buries it. Beautiful! 3-2, Phantoms! :)

Kalinski is actually getting patched up on the bench. He might have gotten dinged durng the goal celebration. Good grief. That would be a first, in my experience. Kolanos assisted on the goal, BTW.

But the energy has swung in the Phantoms' favor, as we are swarming the heck out of Springfield's net.

Arsene scooches his way into an interference penalty, as he knocks Ross down. Matsumoto, Maroon, Laliberte, Ross, Ratchuk are out on the first PP shift. Next up, Nodl, Ross, Kolanos, OOOO, close call, a wrap around the glass pings off one of the metal bars holding the panes of glass. Dubnyk, the goalie, was out of his net anticipating stopping the wraparound, and he had to get back to stop the puck. Had that play gone pear-shaped for Springfield, it would have been one seriously fluky Phantoms tally. But as it is, we're still at 3-2.

We're back to even strength now, and we have approximately 12 minutes left in the third period.

Aaaaand we have a long delayed-penalty sequence against the Phantoms. Jones goes for high-sticking. T/O, Falcons. Nodl, Ross, Curry, Bartulis for the first PK shift. Beaulieu, ? Marshall, Mormina, and Beaulieu does a nice job of poking the puck out of harm's way. Just as we return to even strength, LALIBERTE steals the puck and he and Maroon break in on goal. Dubnyk stops the shot, and finally our extremely worn-out D pair can get off the ice.

6:59 left in the third period, still 3-2 Phantoms. Peckham looked like he wanted to start something with Clackson, but a linesman intervened. Mormina and Bourdon with the Matsumoto line are out, and Peckham charges Maroon so the Phantoms are going back on the PECOOOO POWERPLAY.

During the first half of our man advantage, we registered our 40th SOG of the game. Wow. Peckham comes out of the box in time to get the puck and take a shot, which Backlund stops. Now Kaspar and Beaulieu take it the other way for a 2-on-1, SCOOOORE BEAULIEU! 4-2 Phantoms! Kaspar with the assist!

We have spent a LOT of time in front of Dubnyk. He really has kept the Falcons in this game.

Oh, and remember when I mentioned that Potulny is a good player? Well, with 2:11 left, Potsy makes it 4-3. Good thing for Beaulieu's tally a few moments ago. Holy moley,

OK, Phantoms, get the momentum back and keep Springfield away from our net. Dubnyk wants to head to the bench, and in fact there he goes. Empty net for Springfield. Minard (Falcons) is about to go to the sin bin, owever, taking a hooking call in the offensive zone. Here comes the goalie back out, as the faceoff will be back in the Springfield end. Less than a minute to go. Dubnyk is gone again, Laliberte heads to the net with the puck but his shot is blocked.

17.1 seconds left, and Springfield goes offside so the faceoff is in our neutral zone. AH, there we go, the time is up and the Phantoms hang on to win 3-2.

Stars of the game:

3: Potulny (Spr)
2: Kalinski
1: Nodl

SOG at the end of the game: Springfield 29, Phantoms 43

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