Sunday, October 18, 2009

Phantoms @ Bridgeport Sound Tigers, 10-18-09, First Period

I spent the first few minutes of the game having issues connecting. I got the game and the correct audio just in time to see Bridgeport score a PP goal. Brian Boucher is in goal for the Phantoms, as he's down for a conditioning stint.

Moments after the goal was scored, the Phantoms went on the PK again.

On the PK, we have Bartulis with a defenseman I can't see, Ross with Nodl.

Boucher is wearing #34.

Hey, the B'port arenavision, which is the source of the online video stream, is showing a family that was awarded a prize of orange Sound Tigers sweatshirts (and, if they're using a promotion similar to what we did in Philly, probably a seat upgrade as well). The shirts have just the team logo on them. If anybody's listening from the Adirondack front office, please make similar sweatshirts available for the Phantoms: just the logo, no words. I would happily buy one.

OK, back to the game after the radio timeout. We have Ratchuk with Bartulis as one of our D pairs. Last night, the Phantoms played six D for the first time, and Ratchuk was one of the scratches.

The Phantoms are about to get their first PP of the game. Bartulis, Ratchuk, Laliberte, Matsumoto, Maroon. SCOOOORE! Maroon ties it... we think. It could possibly have been Laliberte. So of course the announcement says.... MATSUMOTO from Bartulis and Laliberte. LOL. Nice to see Matsy get off the schneid with his first goal of the season. Hopefully, Ross will follow suit.

I would like to see the video stream get off the schneid, as it keeps freezing up. I want to see moving pictures, not a hockey slide show.

SCOOOOOORE! Ross! LOL, he heard me typing a couple paragraphs ago. :) Good for him! 2-1, Good Guys! Assists to Kolanos and Bourdon.

Boooosh! :) Nice stop!

Marshall/Mormina is an even strength D pair. Marshall's usual partner, Jones, is today's veteran scratch. Bartulis/Bourdon is another pair. So that leaves Curry/Ratchuk, as we have six D dressed today. Lines include Ross/Ward/Kolanos and Matsumoto/Laliberte/Maroon.

Aaaand Bourdon gets called for a trip when someone stepped on his stick. Bah. PK time. Ross/Kalinski with Marshall/Mormina. We did a god job of getting the puck out of our zone early on. And again, we clear. Now we have Nodl, (can't see who), Curry, and Bartulis. Matsumoto/Laliberte come out to replace the forwards after a stoppage in play. Oh, we get a scramble in front of our net, but we survive it with our lead intact. Bourdon exits the sin bin, marking the end of a solid penalty kill, and the horn sounds moments later to end the first period.

The Phantoms lead 2-1. SOG at the end of the period: Phantoms 12, Sound Tigers 12.

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