Saturday, October 30, 2010

Phantoms dismiss Patrick Maroon, extend losing streak to 6 games

I'm entirely bewildered to log on today and see that, along with losing the sixth straight game last night, the Phantoms have dismissed Patrick Maroon. He is "pending reassignment", according to coach Greg Gilbert. That could mean anything from a loanout to a trade to a buyout, so stay tuned.

What. The. Bleep. I hate to see us lose our current top scorer, especially since goals have been supremely hard to come by in the team's first nine games. He was slated to be a mainstay of the team this year, which makes the news that much more jarring.

The Post-Star has articles here and here. The Broad Street Hockey site has THIS to say on the subject.

I'm pretty well floored by this news, to be honest. Our front office had better come up with some scoring punch ASAP to replace what Maroon would have brought to the team this year. I was expecting him to have a breakout season, or at least a make-or-break one as he's a prospect in a contract year. So much for that idea.

Significantly, both Paul Holmgren and John Paddock were in attendance in Glens Falls last night. The Flyers had a game in Pittsburgh at the same time, which (as I found out earlier this week) is actually closer to Philadelphia than Glens Falls is. In any event, it's not a small matter for Homer and Paddock to make an appearance at a Phantoms game when the Flyers are playing as well. I'm trying hard to remember if it ever happened when the Phantoms were in the Spectrum, and I can't. The Flyers brass were normally with the Flyers on their game days, not the Phantoms, even when we were only right across the street. Of course, when both teams were in Philly, they also both PRACTICED in the same building, so the Flyers brass had ready access to the farm team at nearly all times (barring road trips for one or both teams). So they wouldn't have had to make a 288-mile pilgrimage to make their point by showing up in person.

All I can say is, with the way the Phantoms are slumping, GOOD that Holmgren and Paddock watched the team with their own eyes last night. I hope they stuck around in Glens Falls for tonight's game, too (though the Flyers have a home game tonight). I *want* the front office people to see firsthand just what the Phantoms need to field a competitive team. And right now, we need plenty.

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