Thursday, November 11, 2010

New coach, Same Results: Losing Streak Reaches 10 Games

The results speak for themselves, and they're not saying anything pretty.

The Phantoms have welcomed John Paddock into his second stint as head coach with a 5-1 loss to the second-worst team in the league, the Toronto Marlies. In seven of the ten losses in this streak, we have given up 5 or more goals. In ALL of the losses in the streak, we've given up at least four goals. We haven't earned a standings point since an OTL on October 16.

I posted about replacing Gilbert with Paddock the day before the team pulled the trigger on precisely that move. For my next feat, I predict that trades and reassignments are going to be the order of the day. Some guys are going to be headed to the ECHL or out of the organization entirely. Speaking of which, I read a rumor a few days ago that we would see Maroon moved this week, but so far, that hasn't come to fruition. Here's hoping we get someone back who can help us, STAT. When it's crisis time and we're not even to Thanksgiving yet, you know your hockey team's having a rough year.

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