Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Phantoms may play a game or two in Philadelphia; Wednesday's practice session

According to THIS BLOG POST from the, there is a possibility for the Phantoms to play a home game or two in Philadelphia over the next two seasons.

To wit:

The Adirondack Phantoms are exploring the possibly of playing a regularly scheduled home game this season in Philadelphia, on the ice of their NHL affiliate the Philadelphia Flyers.

If the change in venue is requested, the Phantoms have agreed to attempt to bring an NHL preseason game to the Glens Falls Civic Center next fall, or possibly an exhibition match up between the Flyers and the Phantoms.

Language allowing the possible schedule change, if the Flyers request it, was added to the final version of the Phantom’s contract, which the city Common Council approved on Tuesday.

The three-year contract allows the Phantoms to play up to two of their home games in Philadelphia in subsequent seasons.

Nothing is definitive at this point, said Jim Brooks, co-president of the Phantoms.

The goal, he said, is to strengthen ties with Philadelphia area fans, and hopefully attract some of them to travel to Glens Falls to attend games and stay overnight in local hotels.

Similar arrangements are being scheduled with other AHL teams and their affiliates, he said.

– Maury Thompson

For the record, HERE are the notes I took at the Town Hall Meeting for Phantoms STHs last March. In that talk, we were informed that we would have some Phantoms games, plural, "every year" in Philly. Now we're down to one or two games next year and the year after. Sigh. I guess we should be happy to get ANY games. *IF* it pans out.

OK, on to other news, as in actual hockey. HERE is a link to some video of the Phantoms' first practice in Glens Falls. And HERE is a recap of some goings-on at the practice. I'm glad to see that at least tomorrow's practice is open to the public. I hope ALL the team's practices prove to be open to the public, as they were when the team was in Voorhees. It'll give Phans who make the 5-hour road trip some more opportunity to see the team. After all, we might as well get to see as much of the team as possible if we're going to make a ten-hour round trip, right?

According to that practice recap, Rob Bellamy got banged up after taking a spill and having his knee collide hard with a goal post. I hope it turns out to be nothing major. But geesh, guys, you're not allowed to start using up your allotment of "scare everyone to pieces" points before the season even starts. Let's not worry the fans to bits, OK?

There'll be a scrimmage tomorrow (Thursday). Here's the list of Team A and Team B, from the above-mentioned article:

he team is split into ‘A’ and ‘B’ squads. Here are the rosters, with all the numbers I have available.

Team A
Forwards: 11 Jon Matsumoto; 13 Thomas Sinisalo; 15 Matt Clackson; 18 Jared Ross; 19 Ryan Dingle; 27 Michael Mullen; 36 Krys Kolanos; 42 Aaron Clarke. Defensemen: 2 Joonas Lehtivouri; 4 Kevin Marshall; 5 Marc-Andre Bourdon; 7 Oskars Bartulis; 41 Ryan McGinnis; 45 Jeremy Swanson; 77 Cliff Loya.

Team B
Forwards: 12 Garrett Klotz; 14 Andreas Nodl; 20 Josh Beaulieu; 22 Michael Ratchuk; 24 Rob Bellamy; 37 Jon Kalinski; Bryan Marshall; Anthony Pediocaro; Chase Watson. Defensemen: 3 Joey Mormina; 6 David Sloane; Devin Featherstone; Jaime Fritsch; Nathan Schwartzbauer; Logan Stephenson; Slavomir Tomko.

For those who are new to the Phantoms, the guys who did NOT play for the team last seaosn are Sinisalo, Dingle, Mullen, Kolanos, Clarke, Bourdon, McGinnis, Swanson, Loya, Bryan Marshall, Pediocaro, Watson, Mormina, Featherstone, Fritsch, Schwartzbauer, Stephenson, Tomko. (I actually had to go look up Watson's stats, as I could have sworn he was a callup for us last year, but maybe he was just here for the preseason.)

Anyway, that's all the news that's fit to print. I hope they have a good scrimmage tomorrow, MINUS any mishaps that lead to guys getting dented and dinged beyond the norm. Go Phantoms!

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